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Trapped Executive Produced by Tim Firth, all three films are linked by the common theme of being 'trapped'. Tim Firth, Jonathan Harvey and Simon Aye each contributed a single film to this series for ITV.

Devised by Tim Firth

Executive Producers - Tim Firth & Alan Brodie
A trio of single comedy plays written by, Tim Firth, Simon Nye and Jonathan Harvey.

aVon Trapped
aKing of Fridges

Von Trapped!

aVON TRAPPED by Jonathan Harvey
A Co-production by by Granada Television and 6th Floor Productions

Executive Producer
Carolyn Reynolds

Morag Fullarton

Caroline's character Maria Moogan lives in Oldham and is obsessed with The Sound of Music, having watched it the night she was jilted at the alter, pregnant and emotionally wrought. Now 16 years later she lives with her man-hating mother Kath played by Una Stubbs and only child Lee, a moody teenager with all sorts of hormonal problems. It's a claustrophobic existence, treading on one another's toes and failing to communicate properly.

When Maria's best friend Connie wins the lottery, using Maria's lucky number 7, she gives Maria £10,000 of her winnings - with the stipulation she must go to Salzburg to get The Sound of Music out of her system.

Maria takes the family, with Lee's fiancee Tammy-Jade in hot pursuit. While there, she bumps into long lost love Larry Lavelle, Lee's father, now a successful but unhappy TV presenter. What results is a surprising, magical process of release and understanding - that doesn't leave anyone quite the same again.

The Cast


Maria Moogan
- Caroline Quentin
Kath Moogan - Una Stubbs
Larry Lavelle - Jim Carter
Torsten - Philip Jackson
Leisl Moogan - Emma Lowndes
Tammy-Jade - Vicky Binns
Connie Mocock - Lynda Rooke
Madison Avenue - Natalie Gumede
Ryan - Daniel Smith





aBEAUTY by Simon Nye
A talkback Thames Production

Margot Gavan Duffy

Ben Bolt

Tom Fitzhenry, played by Martin Clunes, is an ugly, reclusive toff who lives a quiet life on his gorgeous, slightly decaying country estate. He is distressed by his inconventional appearance and ill-health, caused by generations of inbreeding, and lives a reclusive life. His home is his sanctuary, but also his prison and the sole aim of his crumbling but trusty domestic staff is to find him the love of a good woman.

Thigs change when Tom meets Cathy, a quirky, vivacious barmaid from the council estate in the village and also the daughter of the local plumber. Vying for her affection is the brash yet handsome Ryan, who pursues her constantly. When Tom is forced to hire a plumber for an urgent job, Cathy completes the plumbing job in place of her sick father. Things don't get off to a godd start as Cathy's blunt honesty over her employers personality traits are hard for Tom to swallow.

Gradually Tom learns that it is only when he behaves badly that Cathy sees him as ugly and love blossoms between the pair. Cathy flees the Manor and returns to the village when Tom reverts to being a snobbish recluse. He misses her desperately and realises that if he is to win Cathy back he is going to have to break the habit of a lifetime and conquer his inhibitions.

The Cast

Tom Fitzhenry - Martin Clunes
Cathy - Sienna Guillory
Robbins - Peter Vaughan
Mrs Robbins - Gwenllian Davies
Bernard - Sam Kelly
Ryan Wilson - Cristian Solimeno
Steve - Cornelius Booth




King of Fridges

aKING OF FRIDGES written by Tim Firth
Dedicated to Jack Rosenthal
Produced by Baby Cow

Executive Producer
Alison Macphail

Gavin Millar

Marl Benton plays Alan, Assistant Manager of Electrical Superstore, Rocket, who gets the chance to be Store Manager on a busy Bank Holiday whilst his boss is off.

However, it seems his boss has laid a trap for Alan in the shape of Frank, played by Richard Wilson, a mid sixties bloke on a trainee scheme. Alan is faced with overseeing a man who knows nothing about electrical goods on the busiest day of the year.

The staff become convinced Frank is a spy sent from Head office. Alan becomes paranoid that this ham-fisted berk is in fact a skillful operator in disguise, assessing Alan's management potential and his whole attitude towards him changes. Events prove that Frank is a ham-fisted berk when he sets the store on fire. In this most extreme of situation, the two grow to embody different attitudes towards ambition and happiness in life.

The Cast

Alan - Mark Benton
Frank - Richard Wilson
Chloe - Joan Kempson
Iris - Anna Keaveney
a a





The DVDs of Von Trapped, Beauty and King of Fridges are available.

DVD Von Trapped
DVD Beauty
DVD King of Fridges

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