Timeless, tv drama from Tim Firth.  Sky Arts Playhouse season.  Photo Credit: Sky

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Chloe blogging about Alice

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TIMELESS - drama Sky Arts.

Written by Tim FirthVideo below of Timeless Sky Arts
Directed by Tony Smith
Timeless is a co-production between Baby Cow and Stone Face Productions for Sky Arts Playhouse season



The Story

Alice and Chloe may be generations apart but both share the pain of having been separated from their partners by war. Chloe's soldier fiancé is serving a term of duty in Afghanistan when an army official arrives at Alice's door. The two women are shocked by the news but the generation gap is finally closing. However, it transpires the body that has been recovered is that of her great-grandfather, whose plane went missing in action during the Second World War. Chloe and her great-grandmother Alice head to Reykjavik to identify the body, reflecting on life, death, love and hope.
A tour de force from Sylvia Syms in the company of model-just-about-turned-actor Cara Delevingne.


The Cast


Cara Delevingne -
Sylvia Syms - Alice
Jaye Griffiths - Military Officer


Syvia Syms and Cara Delevingne
Watching tv together....
Alice grieving.... 



Tim Firth’s tender reflection on love, death and the unchanging nature of relationships is chiefly notable for the television acting debut of the model Cara Delevingne.  Benefitting from starring opposite the wonderful Sylvia Syms, Delevingne gives a nicely judged performance as Chloe, who is looking after her great grandmother Alice (Syms) while her mother and grandmother are on a cruise.  Chloe’s fiancé is in Afghanistan and it soon transpires that Alice was also engaged to someone in the forces during the Second World War.



Timeless is a touching story about a girl, Chloe (Car Delevingne), babysitting here great-grandmother Alice (Sylvia Syms)) while her fiancé is away fighting in Afghanistan.  An office arrives with the dreaded knock on the door, but the news doesn’t concern Chloe.  Here great-grandmother’s husband died during the war and his body has just been found 69 years later, perfectly-preserved in a glacier in Iceland.  It’s a story about how different generations may be separated by age and technology, but are united by common emotional experience.  Syms plays a benign and fruity old soul, while Delevingne has the freshness and humour of a young Mariel Heminway.


Timeless. A tour de force from Sylvia Syms in the company of model-just-about-turned-actor Cara Delevingne. They play a woman and her great-granddaughter for whom an unexpected piece of news prompts a meditation on life and death.






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