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The play Calendar Girls

The film Calendar Girls

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Written by Tim Firth
Sky Arts are showing Tim's short film for their Playhouse season. TIMELESS stars Sylvia Syms and Cara Delevingne as a young war fiance and her great gran who one day get a knock on the door which turns their lives upside down and blows apart the age gap which separates them. Scheduled for broadcast this Thursday 19th June at 9.00pm. Also available On Demand.

Alice and Chloe may be generations apart but both share the pain of having been separated from their partners by war. Chloe's soldier fiancé is serving a term of duty in Afghanistan when an army official arrives at Alice's door. The two women are shocked by the news but the generation gap is finally closing. Sylvia Syms and Cara Delevingne star in this engaging tale of love, loss and hope.



Devised by Tim Firth
Executive Producer - Tim Firth
A trio of single comedy plays written by, Tim Firth, Simon Nye and Jonathan Harvey.

Cruise of the Gods

Written by Tim Firth
Directed by Declan Lowney
Produced by Alison Macphall
Executive Producers: Henry Normal & Steve Coogan

Rob Brydon, Steve Coogan, David Walliams, Philip Jackson, Helen Coker and James Corden.

Single film for Baby Cow/BBC2
aNominated (twice) for British Comedy Awards
Combat Sheep
Created and written by Tim Firth
Additional Material by Peter Baynham and Graham Duff
Directed by Dominic Brigstocke
Produced by Robert Howes
Executive Producers Steve Coogan and Henry Normal
A co-production between Baby Cow Productions and The Children's Company for BBC

Border cafe

Written by Tim Firth video icon
Directed by Richard Laxton and Matt Lipsey
Produced by Elaine Cameron
Executive Producer Beryl Vertue

Elizabeth Carling, Sean Gallagher, Georgia Mackenzie & Antony Strachan
Comedy drama series for Hartswood Films

The Flint Street Nativity

Written by Tim Firth
Directed by Marcus Mortimer
Produced by Peter Elias Jones (Antena Productions)
& Paul Spencer (Yorkshire Television)

Mark Addy, Mina Anwar, Jane Horrocks, Jason Hughes, Dervla Kirwan, Josie Lawrence, Ralf Little, Tony Marshall, Neil Morrissey, Julia Sawalha, Hywel Simons, Frank Skinner, John Thomson and Stephen Tompkinson.

Neville's Island

Written by Tim Firth
Directed by Terry Johnson
Produced by Judy Craymer
Starring Timothy Spall, Jeff Rawle, David Bamber and Martin Clunes
A Primetime Production for Yorkshire Television
Preston Front

Written by Tim Firth
Directed by Chris Bernard and Rick Stroud
Produced by Bernard Krichefski
Executive Producer Julian Murphy
Starring Colin Buchanan, Paul Haigh, Corolyn Pickles, Oliver Cotton, Alistair McGowan, Caroline Catz, Kate Gartside, Tony Marshall, Adrian Hood, David MacCreedy, Angela Lonsdale, Keiran Flynn, Holly Grainger and guest appearances by Samantha Fox, Nicky Henson & Stirling Moss
aWriter's Guild of Great Britain Best Original Drama Series Award
aRTS Midlands Best Drama Series
aNominated for British Comedy Awards

A man of Letters

Written by Tim Firth
30 minute drama for SCENE

The Rottentrolls

Four series of cult children's comedy, which ran from 1996 - 1999 and was also re-broadcast in the late night slot for ITV.
Produced by The Children's Company
aBAFTA for Best Children's Entertainment
aNominated (twice) for BAFTA and RTS Awards
A pre-school spin off
Executive Producer Tim Firth
aBAFTA for Best Pre-School Live Action
Preston Front

Written by Tim Firth
Directed by Marcus Mortimer & Betsan Morris Evans
Produced by Chris Griffin
Executive Producer Chris Parr
Starring Colin Buchanan, Paul Haigh, Caroline Catz, Lucy Akhurst, Alistair McGowan, Adrian Hood, Kate Gartside, Tony Marshall, David MacCreedy, Susan Wooldridge, Holly Grainger, Kieran Flynn, Sam Graham, Ozzie Yue, Nicky Henson
aBest Comedy Drama, Comedy awards
aRTS Award for Best Series
aBest Series Award at the San Francisco Television Festival
aNominated for BAFTA Award for Best Series

Once Upon a Time in the North

Written by Tim Firth
Directed by Phil Partridge & John Clive
Produced by Phil Partridge


Bernard Hill, Christine Moore, Bryan Pringle, Bob Mason, Susan McArdle and Andrew Whyment
A Philip Partridge Production

All Quiet on the Preston Front

Written by Tim Firth video here
Directed by Brian Farnham
Produced by Chris Griffin
Executive Producers Barry Hanson and Chris Parr


Colin Buchanan, Paul Haigh, Stephen Tompkinson, David MacCreedy, Lucy Akhurst, Adrian Hood, Kate Gartside, Kieran Flynn, Tony Marshall, Caroline Catz, Sam Graham, Mark Fletcher, Darren Brown, Susan Wooldridge, Holiday Grainger

Money for Nothing

Written by Tim Firth Video of Money For Nothing below
Directed by Mike Ockrent
Produced by Andree Molyneux
Executive Producer Richard Broke


Christien Anholt, Jayne Ashbourne, Paul Reynolds, Julian Glover and Martin Short
aBest Television Film at the Writers Guild Awards
aNominated for Cable Ace Award



Tim Firth Radio title graphic

And now, in Colour

Writer/ performer in two series of this Radio 4 Comedy Series which won Silver Medal at the New York Radio Awards.

BBC Radio4
Series One 1990
Series Two 1991

and again on Radio ...
is regularly repeated on BBC Radio 7

A Kitchenette of Composers

BBC Radio 3, 25 minute play, Last Night of the Proms Special, 1992.

The Mary Whitehouse Experience