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Written by Tim Firth

Series 1 (titled All Quiet on the Preston Front)

Directed by Brian Farnham
Produced by Chris Griffin
Executive Producers Barry Hanson and Chris Parr

Series 2 & 3

Directed by Chris Bernard and Rick Stroud
Produced by Bernard Krichefski
Executive Producer Julian Murphy


aBest Comedy Drama, Comedy awards
aRTS Award for Best Series
aBest Series Award at the San Francisco Television Festival
aNominated for BAFTA Award for Best Series
aWriter's Guild of Great Britain Best Original Drama Series Award
aRTS Midlands Best Drama Series
aNominated for British Comedy Awards



Series 1

Colin Buchanan, Paul Haigh, Stephen Tompkinson, David MacCreedy, Lucy Akhurst, Adrian Hood, Kate Gartside, Kieran Flynn, Tony Marshall, Caroline Catz, Sam Graham, Mark Fletcher, Darren Brown, Susan Wooldridge, Holiday Grainger

Series 2

Colin Buchanan, Paul Haigh, Caroline Catz, Lucy Akhurst, Alistair McGowan, Adrian Hood, Kate Gartside, Tony Marshall, David MacCreedy, Susan Wooldridge, Holly Grainger, Kieran Flynn, Sam Graham, Ozzie Yue, Nicky Henson

Series 3

Colin Buchanan, Paul Haigh, Corolyn Pickles, Oliver Cotton, Alistair McGowan, Caroline Catz, Kate Gartside, Tony Marshall, Adrian Hood, David MacCreedy, Angela Lonsdale, Keiran Flynn, Holly Grainger


The Story

Many years ago ................. in the Lancashire town of Roker Bridge .............. two boys called Hodge and Eric began a lifelong friendship.

Right from the first year infants - when Hodge threw Eric's Thunderbird Two into the nettles and then got seriously stung trying to get it back - this good-looking lad and his loser of a mate have pulled each other through life's ups and downs.

Sixteen years later, with Eric unemployed and Hodge selling grass seed and decoy ducks in a garden centre, Eric talked Hodge into joining the Territorial Army.

Thus the odd couple discovered a whole new set of mates - Spock, the specky history teacher who used to dodge rugby at school and avoid the showers; Lloydy the man-mountain with the unhappy knack of messing up just about everything; Ally, the soliciter's wife desperately searching for her real self; Dawn, the gorgeous college student who hates students and Diesel, the human dynamo with big ambitions.


The Cast

Preston Front - Copyright BBC Pebble Mill

Lloydy & Spock (above), Mel & Hodge (below), Hodge & Kirsty camping out and (right)Jeanetta, Hodges former lover with her new man, with Kirsty and Hodge.

Preston Front - Copyright BBC Pebble Mill

Preston Front - Copyright BBC Pebble Mill

Preston Front - Copyright BBC Pebble Mill


Tim writes...

"I live in a town like Roker Bridge and I'm surrounded by people just like the characters in Preston Front."

"My old history teacher was in the Territorial Army, but so were some fantastic looking girls. I just thought it was a great way to put these people together. The teacher Preston Front Flyerbecame Spock and the girls became Dawn and Ally."

As one of a dwindling breed of writers who are responsible for writing a whole series alone, Tim is very protective of his creations: "There are elements of me in all the characters. I always hoped I was like Hodge (the handsome one played by Colin Buchanan), but if I'm honest I have to admit I'm more like Spock, the pendantic teacher or Eric the loveable loser."

"I've written every episode of all three series - that's 19 episodes in total. It would have been much easier to have a team of writers, bit I feel that you lose the original flavour of the writing. The down-side is that it takes a long time - I was asked to do a third series two years ago, but I've been so busy I haven't been able to do it until now."

And producer Bernard Krichefski is full of praise for Tim's talent: "Much television drama today is written to a formula dictated by script executives, producers and even network controllers. It's not difficult to spot the exceptions. Lloydy and Spock, Hodge, Eric and Dawn and the rest of the Roker Bridge crowd could not have been dreamt up by a team of executives sitting in an office."

"They were conceived and nurtured in the vivid imagination of Tim Firth. Preston Front is the product of a single brilliant, creative writing talent. I can only pray that they'll always be a bit of room in the schedules for such originality."






aSeries 3 featured guest appearances by the page3 model, Samantha Fox and racing driver Stirling Moss as themselves


Holliday Grainger was recently interviewed for The Guardian newspaper, and recalled her first acting days at 5 years old as Kirsty in All Quiet on the Preston Front.

' Grainger, who grew up in Manchester, started acting when she was five, in the BBC’s All Quiet on the Preston Front. “I’m still in touch with people from that first job. I loved it. I was in the adult world,” '

You can read the full interview HERE.





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