Once Upon a Time in the North

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Once Upon a Time in the North

Written by Tim Firth
Directed by Phil Partridge & John Clive
Produced by Phil Partridge

A Philip Partridge Production


The Story

Whimsical tales of the Tollit family, who live in the picturesque Yorkshire town Sutton Moor. The husband, Len, is a soft-hearted, well-meaning chap who holds strong views on certain subjects and is fiercely proud of his working-class roots. But his determination to prove himself the equal of those who may consider themselves his betters often leads to confrontation and infuriates his wife, Pat. They have two children, the pre-teen Sean and the sexually-maturing Siobhan, who, at 15, is at that 'awkward age'. Living in the granny flat in their yard is Mr Bebbington, who had been Len's late mother's boyfriend but has remained with them for six months since her death. Pat constantly cajoles Len into getting Bebbington out but he is quite content to let him stay and treats him as one of the family. Len's brother, Morris, who lives nearby, is a spiritual man who comes across as half-hippy and half-witted.


The Cast

Len Tollit - Bernard Hill
Pat Tollit - Christine Moore
Mr Bebbington - Bryan Pringle
Morris Tollit - Bob Mason
Siobhan Tollit - Susan McArdle
Sean Tollit - Andrew Whyment

Copyright  BBC
Copyright  BBC Copyright  BBC
The wonderful Bernard Hill (above) as Len Tollit and with Bryan Pringle (top right) playing Subuteo. Len and the family, played by Christine Moore, Susan McArdle and Andrew Whyment.



aThe character of Morris Tollit has re-appeared (played by different actors) in Tim's Border Cafe and Preston Front.



a No DVD currently available

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