Tim and Willy Russell onsatge at the Royal Albert Hall for Calendar Girls, Seasons Of Love - OCT 2012

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Don't forget you can listen to several tracks from Tim's HARMLESS FLIRTING CD on The Audio & Lyrics page...

tim on stage

tim on stage


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Tim's performance of SAME THING TWICE from his album HARMLESS FLIRTING, segued with Willy Russell reading extracts from THE WRONG BOY, drew tremendous applause when they performed it at the Calendar Girls 'SEASONS OF LOVE' Gala at The Royal Albert Hall last month.

Tim's music is now available for you to listen to direct from this website. The four tracks from HARMLESS FLIRTING are, Chevette, the title track - Harmless Fliriting, English Love Song and the much requested Same Thing Twice. You can purchase Tim's album direct from this website. (23/05/09)

Tim's performance of SAME THING TWICE from his album HARMLESS FLIRTING (segued with Willy Russell reading extracts from THE WRONG BOY) was the most requested performance on BBC RADIO 2's MIKE HARDING SHOW last year. (16/01/07)

Mike Harding's Radio 2 show 'LIVE FROM LIVERPOOL' was a tremendous success with Tim, Willy Russell and the band playing to a packed and enthusiastic hall. Don't forget you can 'Listen Again' via the BBC Radio2 web site. We have some photos of Tim and the band here >>>

Tim Firth will perform two of his own compositions at the 'Live from Liverpool' Mike Harding Show on 6th October. Tim will perform 'Same Thing Twice' and 'Jennifer Falls', both taken from his new album HARMLESS FLIRTING.

Tim Firth will appear with Willy Russell at a live Mike Harding Show to come from Liverpool on 6th October. The show goes out on 88-91FM between 8.00pm - 9.00pm. You can also 'listen again' via the BBC website.

aTHE SINGING PLAYWRIGHTSTim Firth onstage with musicians from LIPA
Tim has just completed THE SINGING PLAYWRIGHTS show to wonderful reviews. The show, with Willy Russell and a full band, at this years Edinburgh Festival played twelve dates at the Pleasance Grand.

We have added a gallery of Images of Edinburgh which is here >>



aTim's first introduction to Willy Russell was Tim & Willy Russel on that original Arvon courseduring an Arvon Foundation course were Tim was attending as a student and Willy the tutor. A friendship developed between the two writers that continues to this day with Willy and Tim collaborating on the stage musical concept which developed into the IN OTHER WORDS tour in the summer of 2004. The show has been polished further for THE SINGING PLAYWRIGHTS show which was showcased at the Edinburgh Festival. Both now co-tutor courses for the ARVON FOUNDATION.





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