Money for Nothing

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Title creaidts for Money For Nothing

Gary with his new suit - blagged on credit

Gary pretending to be on the phone to his 'office'.


Gary gets carried away with his million pound bid

The hammer goes down at the auction

The 'proposition'...

Off to New York

Kilray mocks Gary




Money for Nothing

Written by Tim Firth Video of Money For Nothing below
Directed by Mike Ockrent
Produced by Andree Molyneux
Executive Producer Richard Broke
aBest Television Film at the Writers Guild Awards
aNominated for Cable Ace Award


The Story

The TV film tells the story of an ambitious schoolboy, Gary Worrall (played by Christien Anholt), who sets out to make £1M during his half term school break! He is aided and abetted in this adventure by his school mate Brian Thurrock (Paul Reynolds). All goes smoothly until he meets the beautiful Lisa (Jayne Ashbourne) and he realises that life in the 'real' world is much more complicated than the theory in the classroom!


The Cast


Gary Worrall - Christien Anholt
Lisa Armstrong - Jayne Ashbourne
Brian Thurrock - Paul Reynolds
Mr Farquharson - Julian Glover
Harrison Kilray - Martin Short

Mr Burger - David Michaels
Mr Derbyshire (teacher) - Tim Preece
Julie Hodgkiss - Lucy Harding




aThe burger stand on the top of Frodsham hill upset local people who went up to protest thinking it was to be a permanent fixture.

aTim and his wife Kate play the bride and groom who get married in the background of the escape scene after the auction. Look out for Tim wearing a wonderful perm!

aThe producer, the wonderful Andree Molyneux, plays the part of the head mistress coming out of the door in the opening sequence!

aNot quite trivia - The music was by the late John Dankworth and 'Slow and Easy' was sung by Cleo Lane (Dame). Tim attended their music summer schools at The Stables as a teenager.




a No DVD available - but we've added the complete tv film to Tim's website!

Other scripts, CDs and DVDs of Tim Firth's work are available.