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Calendar Gilrs - The Songbook
Calendar Girls songbook
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THIS IS MY FAMILY - Chichester - 20th April - 15th June 2019

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Calendar Girls in Sofia Bulgaria 2011


Sign of the Times with Matthew Kelly & Gerard Kearns

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Calendar Girls in Manitoba Canada
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Lady Cravenshire

Calendar Girls in Russia. Photo Credit: Sisley Paris Company
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Calendar Girls in Denmark

Calendar Girls in Denmark

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Berlin Calendar Girls

The Calendar Girls in Athens





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Calendar Girls in Norway

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Calendar Girls in Norway

Calendar Girls in Norway

Calendar Girls in Norway

Neville's Island at Chorley







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We would really like to include visitors comments about all of Tim Firth's work, including his plays, the childrens' series THE ROTTENTROLLS and Tim's CD of songs - HARMLESS FLIRTING and of course CALENDAR GIRLS - The Musical, about to commence a tour of the UK.
Please use the contact form and we shall be pleased to include your comments on Tim Firth's work.



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Bernie Baldwin

Preston Front & Border Café
As Preston Front DVDs are rare and Border Café was never released on DVD, would it be worth asking the BBC to put them on its iPlayer, especially during this time of lockdown. I've never seen either repeated on channels like UK Gold, Dave, Drama, Watch, etc. It would be so good to see them again.



Dave Biswell

Money For Nothing
Hi, this film ranks as one of my all time favourites- I relate to it so much on many levels. I watched it on channel 4 I think years ago, and taped it on VHS at the time and rewatched it so many times that the tape chewed. I wrote to channel 4 twice over the years and first time was met with a very helpful response but not so the second. I then heard Martin Short’s name in a news article tonight and instantly remembered that he played Harrison Kilray, and my search culminated here. Oh joy!!!!

Even though it felt like it could have been a candidate for Channel 4’s ‘First Love’ season - an inspired initiative which gave us P’tang Yang Kipperbang by Jack Rosenthal, it was in fact part of a BBC1 Screen One series in the early 1990s. We have it on this site. It remains the only time my appalling perm hair cut featured on screen - in the wedding sequence, in which my then girlfriend and I played extras, a week before our actual wedding. Tim



Denise Wills

Hi Tim, I sing with Winchester Military Wives choir and we went to see Calendar Girls the Musical at The Mayflower in Southampton for our 5th birthday in January 2019. We particularly enjoyed the Sunflower song and wondered whether the music has been written in harmony as we would love to sing it. Please can you advise us.

Thanks for considering singing our song. We are in the early stages of producing vocal scores for the Calendar Girls songs so watch this space as it will be the first to announce. - Tim and Gary



Jamie Stoneham

You mentioned a songbook a while back for Calendar Girls the musical. Is it still in the works and will it be released soon ?

and later...
Hi Tim. I can’t believe Calendar Girls is coming to its end after two amazing years of this wonderful show. I fell in love with this show right from the first preview and then have forever followed this show all over the country. This is by far my favourite musicals ever and I just adore this show. I am hoping that you don’t end the show in November and perhaps record the show in some way for a future cinema or dvd release so we can treasure this show forever.

Hi Jamie. Your enquiry is very timely, as the songbook is released: The official sheet music for West End hit Calendar Girls – The Musical is now available. See the News page for more infomation.



Linda Thompson

Hi Tim, my daughter recently went to see the Band in Manchester and has wanted to take me since! She is extremely passionate about becoming an actor and is finding it difficult to get into the industry. Currently attempting to get to drama school I was wondering if you found it just as difficult; if you have any words of advice for aspiring young actors? 
Thank you in advice. 

Becoming an actor seems to be a process designed to throw off the partially-committed. It can seem like the professional equivalent of a Total Wipeout assault course. As you will have found out there are many many acting courses which teach drama in a university context and a smaller number of dedicated drama schools. Not everyone who goes to the latter becomes a working actor. Not everyone who doesn’t, doesn’t.  The answer in my opinion comes down to innovation and persistence. If you can devise and generate work then you can write yourself into the picture and place yourself in a much stronger position than were you just to be sitting round waiting for phones to ring. The imprimatur of being a drama school can stand you in better stead when it comes to getting an agent and having an agent can stand you in better stead when it comes to getting auditions but neither of these will necessarily get you a job in the end. We saw hundreds of actors for one part recently and eventually gave it to an actor with no formal qualifications whatsoever, who just saw an ad and turned up. They were the right person for that part and turned up at the right time. They may never act again. Indeed they may never want to. Difficulty in getting into drama schools will either convince you that it is not for you, or redouble your effort to prove the selection panels wrong. Both routes ultimately might work out. But neither will work out unless you have the one thing that no course will ever be able to teach. Drive.  In a profession that is anything but scientific, built on chance and where there are no marks for effort, the only thing you are totally in control of is your passion. TIM FIRTH



Gregory Boris

Hello Tim, I am part of an amateur production of Calendar Girls in Missoula, MT. As I am a bit of an anglophile I have been acting as volunteer dramaturge. There is one line in the script which has been perplexing us. In Act II, Scene Four when Ruth interrupts the fight between Marie and Chris she shouts "Celia" and Cora responds with "Christ almighty Ruth. I thought that was a Kalashnikov." What makes Cora think of a Kalashnikov? The abrupt sound? Ruth's motion? Any hints? Greg

Thanks Greg. The line is spoken in reaction to RUTH's sudden and rather dramatic production of the rolled-up calendar.  Best of luck with the show - let us know how it goes down. Regards Tim 


Lynn Roberts - GORDON FIRTH

Hello Tim, I've tried to find out details online in regards to the memorial / exhibition for your dad in October in Warrington. I was a pupil of your dads at Bradshaw Lane back in 1966 when the school first opened. I live in Scotland now and would like to attend. Your dad was a very special man, I don't need to tell you that though do I?  Would you be able to send me details, date, time place etc. I have tried to find other ways to contact you but without success.  Many thanks  Lynn

Thanks Lynn. Wow. When you knew my Dad I was 2, and still yet to fully realise what an extraordinary man he was. It would be lovely to see you at the Methodist Church Hall, Stockton Heath WA4 6LP on the afternoon of October 20. There will be pork pies, brass bands and, as you can imagine, many many paintings.  Tim


James Stoneham

Hi Tim. I have been a huge fan of The Girls (Calendar Girls) from the first seeing it in London and now been to see both the tour and west end version over 10 times. I was really hoping for a songbook to be released as I'm a music teacher and would love to be able to teach the children in my class some of the songs from the show. Will this be released soon and possible amateur rights ? Thanks

Thanks Jamie for your support of the show. In answer to your question, yes there will be a songbook. Now the tour is on the road, it’s the next thing on our list. We will put news of it on this site as soon as we have it.  



Mark Cunliffe

Dear Tim, just want to let you know that I have just completed yet another of my Preston Front rewatch marathons. I have loved this show ever since it was first broadcast back in the 90s and always return to it every couple of years. The final ep is so bittersweet, it still packs an emotional punch. I've even got my girlfriend into it now. Just one question that I really want an answer to - whatever happened to Paul Haigh? Also, have you considered Simply Media for a release of Border Cafe?

Mark the last I heard of the wonderful Paul Haigh was that he was doing a job outside the crazy profession of acting, something to do with furniture restoration - something at which he would no doubt be terrific and could re-apply the naturally delicate touch he had as an actor. It has been great to watch the flourishing careers of Holly, Colin, Caroline and so many others out of that cast and I’m still in regular touch with many. It was an enormous part of my life. Tim
PS: Tim is looking at the current state of play regarding Border Cafe...



April Smith

Hi Tim, my daughter is obsessed with The Band musical and she took me to see it for Mother’s day yesterday in Hull and how shocked was I when watching this FANTASTIC musical to hear Zoe explain about her having children and she explained that she had 4 children in 4 years, well I had 4 children in 4 years! And so I was wondering how u came up with the thought of making Zoe a mum of 4 in 4 years? P.s. the musical is fantastic! Would love to see it again but the bank balance won’t allow it.

Four in four years I thought reflected Zoe’s volcanic and unexpected love of having kids…which caught her slightly off guard given her original intentions. I’ve got friends who’ve had a large number in a short time - not THAT short, but short - and wondered if it must feel like being part of a hugely frenetic circus that suddenly seems to leave town. Houseguests arrive quickly, created total mayhem and bustle, and then leave quickly. This of course leaves Zoe in the show standing amidst swirling chip paper and dust awaiting inspiration as to what to do next….which fortunately her time with her old mates provides.


Daniel Gunson

Hi Tim, Is there any chance that I could get my hands on the score and/or a recording of the music from your show 'This is My Family'? Absolutely the best show I have ever seen. Saw it the two times it played in Sheffield!! Cheers!

Thanks Daniel for going to see This Is My Family. We are still negotiating a further production and at that point I will take my hands off the show. If all goes well, that is the time we will record and publish it. This site will be the first to know. Tim

Alison Lee

Hi Tim. When will The Girls cast recording be released? Having been an amateur Calendar Girl and subsequently become a Bloodwise volunteer, I managed to see the show a couple of times, and can't wait for the CD!

Thanks Alison for coming to the show, and thanks for volunteering. The album was delayed by preparations for the Olivier Awards opening ceremony but all recording has now been completed. Gary and I are working on some additional tracks to include and we hope to have the final mixes signed off very soon. Keep tracks on this and the show’s websites - we will publish the details as soon as we get them from the record company. Tim

Thomas Van der Spiegel

Congratulations on 'The Girls' musical! I hope this production will get a long lasting life in London's West End like Blood Brothers did in this venue, truly deserved. And not the typical 'musical' like there are so many, so funny yet moving and close to the audience storytelling. Best,  Thomas

Paul Willetts

I grew up with the fantastic All Quiet on the Preston Front; admired Kinky Boots very much, but Mr Firth, Calendar Girls and The Girls are, I think, you're supreme achievement. The Girls musical, I believe, will be an outstanding, enduring success. Congratulations on all of the above. Keep playing the piano in your village on Friday evenings. Regards Paul and Lesley

Keith George

I'm looking for logo to use for advertising and playbills for the production of Calendar Girls.  Samuel French does have a logo pack available.  Where to I find high resolution logos? Thanks, Keith George General Manager [Volunteer] Sioux City Community Theatre

Jon Lawrie

Dear Mr Firth, I am a teacher in Doncaster and we run a school trip each year to Pateley Bridge, where we visit places such as Trollers Gill and Brimham Rocks. Researching the trip and the area I have come across Rotten Trolls and I just think it is brilliant! I know that my pupils (9/10 years old) will also love it! We have been looking to incorporate the Barghast legend into the pupils' work. On our trip we are using adventure to enhance writing skills. Would you be happy for us to use the Rotten Trolls story as a stimulus for this? I love the fact that the trolls are named after local villages and can just see my pupils scanning the map to come up with new troll characters! Kind regards, Jon Lawrie

The Rottentrolls are very close to my heart at all times - have as much fun with them as is possible.
And when you pass through Burnsall heading down to Trollers Ghyll in search of the Barguest look around - that's where we filmed Calendar Girls.

Phil R

How good would a 'goodnight sweetheart' style, on-off revival episode of Preston Front be in 2016? Would Hodge still be selling fake Herons in his garden center?....maybe he joined the police force and became a likeable but pretty boring Detective Inspector with a grumpy, frog faced politically incorrect partner.
Would Eric and Dawn still be together?...could Eric have finally found some self confidence in his middle age, only for Dawn to ruin it all by running away to the beautiful South West coastline with a former lager lout, who behaved badly in the 90s but redeemed himself by becoming a GP who never smiles.
Would Spock leave the blackboard rubber behind and become a popular TV comedian?
Maybe we will never know.....has it really been 20 years?

Who knows. Maybe Diesel would also spend ten years working in a hospital in Holby, Lloydy would become a bouncer, Poison would end up surrounded by male strippers and little Kirsty would grow up to be an international movie star. Strange things happen… TIM FIRTH

Julian Bashford

Please release Rottentrolls on iTunes, Netflix or whatever. Please!!!

Mike Farrar

My whole family are huge fans of the rottentrolls.. Appeals to all ages and is so funny and yet there is usually a great life message for kids .. Buy Loads ! Its a tragedy that its still not being broadcast for the latest generations. You may have been asked this before but when oh when will the all episodes be available for purchase ?   Like many others we are desperate and will go to almost any lengths to revisit. All the best Mike Melbourne, Oz


Wendy Koeppl

Dear Mr. Firth,
It has been an honor and a privilege to direct Calendar Girls at Boise Little Theater, Boise, Idaho, USA.  Calendar Girls is more than just a play where you get together to produce quality entertainment while perfecting your craft. Much more. The story, of course, is inspiring in itself, but I think what is also very inspiring is the way the play, and participating in the play, brings out the best in people. Our group of 14 actors, 8 tech personnel, and a couple of local photographers decided to do a calendar to benefit the Leukemia Society. We left our inhibitions at the door, grabbed some food and champagne, and started one of the most meaningful projects we've ever had the pleasure of participating in. That's a day I will remember for a long, long time!  That bonding and excitement continues through our run, from the actors and crew to the audiences and the beautiful calendars, all for a good cause. We have not only told their story but a bit of our own as well...that bit that lives in our hearts and souls.  I could go on and on...  I just want to say thank you. Thank you for this wonderful script and for the opportunity to work with truly inspiring people to tell this heartwarming story. Wendy Koeppl, Director. Boise Little Theater

Thanks so much for this. I think one of the most gratifying things for me is the way the play inspires people to attempt the very act that inspired the play. I’m not sure many plays based on true stories do this! And of course every time it does, the seeds of the original sunflower are scattered further. I also know the original Calendar Girls would be the first to admit that if you’ve posed nude in front of an audience, doing it in the privacy of a photoshoot is a breeze. We have often laughed that, perhaps uniquely in the history of true-life stories,  the replication of the endeavour on stage requires even more bravery than the initial one! Tim

Paul Willetts

It was our great pleasure to attend the World Premier of 'The Girls' in Leeds on Saturday evening.
What an emotional roller coaster; hilarious to heartbreaking and back to hilarious once more.  An outstanding production, great music, precision lyrics, wonderful wordplay and a fabulous team effort all round.  Continued success!
(Loved the 'physics' joke, by the way!). Paul and Lesley

Barry Potter

Hi Tim.  Ambleside players in Cumbria has just completed a run of playing ‘The Safari Party’. We do all our plays in the round and this play lent to that as I believe it was first performed in the round. What a brilliantly funny play, whilst sat around the table in act 2 most of the cast had a big problem with not bursting out laughing. Very funny scenes. The audience loved it… One question I have is why did Daniel carry LOL around the farmyard on his shoulders? Every time I heard that line, I couldn’t help but ask why? Sincerely Barry Porter (Chair & Lol ).

Thanks for doing the play. I'm very fond of that second act. Daniel is compelled by Lol to carry him round in an attempt to activate his intruder light. TIM FIRTH

Richard Craddock

Hello, I was wondering if the sound track for This Is My Family is going to become available. Thoroughly enjoyed it at the Belgrade Coventry, and would love to listen to it again. Thanks, Richard

Thanks Richard - I'm still working on TIMF - despite the productions, it's still a musical in progress! I wouldn't look to record it until it has settled into a final shape. TIM FIRTH

Kymri Wilt

Dear Tim, I am writing to express our appreciation and gratitude on behalf of the Sullivan Players (San Diego, CA), the first theatre group to be granted US rights for "Calendar Girls" stage production.  Director DJ Sullivan, an acting mentor and friend to many in the San Diego theater community for over 50 years, is retiring - and she chose this as her farewell production. This special and heartfelt production has been quite a journey for all involved. Everyone in the cast has a cancer story and personal connection. I, for one, was called to step in to the role of Jessie the week before Opening Night for a cast member battling cancer, whose recent surgery left her unable to return to the production as anticipated.  Now, we have one more weekend left in our run, and this brave, inspiring woman's only goal is to be able to perform her role, even if just for one night, one act, or one scene, on closing weekend.  Whether she regains the strength or not, there is no doubt our closing weekend will be incredibly special.  We would love to share our production stills, reviews, stories, and calendar with you.  Where may we send links, photos, and a calendar? Lastly, if you are reading this and are able to respond this week, before our closing matinee on Sunday 23 November, 2014, I have a small but meaningful favor to ask on behalf of the cast. Please do me the honor of your reply, whenever you ultimately see this. Most sincerely,

Keith Parry

Hi Tim, really excited to be involved in Solihull on Stage next show Our House. I got the part of Emmo.  Hoping you can help me with a disagreement over the pronunciation of the name, I believe it's as written Emmo while my lovely director believes in should be Emo.  Any help on this would be much appreciated.  Kind regards keith

It's Emmo as in the initials Michael Oliver.  TIM FIRTH

Sean McGee

Hi Tim. Just like to add to the ever growing list of peeps hoping (praying, in some instances!!) for a 'Money For Nothing' DVD release. I'm sure Gary and the 'October House Partnership' could make it happen!! Haha! Please keep us all informed on any ideas/leads we can chase! Cheers

Jim Arthurs

Please use your influence to get Preston Front released on Region 1 DVD. Thank you.

Lynda White

Hi Tim, I was just watching “Money for Nothing” for about the 3rd time and it suddenly occurred to me that it’s about time you wrote a sequel!!  I’d love to know what happened to Gary (Christien Anholt) when he grew up.  Does he run a company? Did he make a real million pounds? AND….. Did he marry Lisa!?? etc etc.  The characters in this movie are really wonderful so…. have you ever thought about a sequel??  Regards

Peter McDonald

Hi Tim, I thought it was time that I told you how much fun I've had singing 'Same Thing Twice' at various friends' milestone birthday parties over the last few years.  It always gets a tremendous reception and I'll be singing it again next month, by request, at the 60th birthday party/ceilidh of our friend David, the Dean of Portsmouth Cathedral.  I think the strangest setting for singing the song was on board a cruise ship on the Yangtze River - when members of the various tour parties were invited to entertain on the last night.  It was a truly international audience but they all seemed to see the funny side! Best wishes and thanks for the song

Many thanks for this. Out of interest the song forms part of my new musical, THIS IS MY FAMILY. TIM FIRTH

Emma Shepherd

My names emma shepherd and Im 16 years of age. When I was younger I grew watching the infamous 'Roger and The Rottentrolls'. This love for my all time favourite children's show has gone so far that I have spent years trying to track down series 3 and 4, which I can only describe as 'lost episodes'. I've even been to certain parts of the north where they were filmed. I have tried nearly everything to hunt them down, and I just now need to find a way to get hold of these episodes or at least see them. If you can help in anyway, shape or form please do get in touch or put me through to someone who may be of assistance. I've contacted itv and they said that you can only purchase series 1 and 2 on DVD (which I already have). All the best

Sam Elmhurst

Dear Tim. I played Cora in the Dereham Theatre Company's recent run of Calendar Girls and have just shared a beautiful nugget of information on the 'I'm In A Production Of Calendar Girls' Facebook page which I think you would like to see, as follows......
One thing I must tell you all. On Friday, our 'Ruth' told us about something that happened on her way out of the theatre the night before. Her husband was chatting to some people who had just been to the show and a man came up to him, a complete stranger, but who had also seen the show. This man told 'Ruth's' husband that he had come tonight, not really wanting to, as that very morning he had been diagnosed with lung cancer......he then went on to say that on seeing the show, it had made him feel so good, so positive; seeing Calendar Girls had made his day, very very much happier and moved by it all, and very grateful and thankful that he had seen us. 
So, if that doesn't top it all, nothing does.......
What more can we say really? Just a blimmin' well huge CONGRATULATIONS for making the world a better place for all of us, through your writing. And of course the original Calendar Girls themselves.
 Much love and thanks.

Sean Ridley

Dear Tim.  I went to see the 10th Anniversary show of Our House back in November and afterwards had the pleasure of meeting you at the stage door - you may remember the chap you took through the gate and spoke to for a few minutes after the show before heading back indoors, me!
I'm 21 years old and have an absolute passion for theatre - particularly performing! I have been performing locally on stage for a number of years now as well as work lighting and video for other shows and a couple of years ago had the absolute honour of playing Joe in the first production of Our House in the Portsmouth area. It was without doubt the most fun I've had on stage - from singing songs by my favourite band and being able to draw on my London roots, to having to deal with my mum at rehearsals (who played Kath!! Who'd've thought!?). My whole 'Our House' experience was topped off when I was lucky enough to be nominated for and then win Best Actor in a Musical for it at the Daily Echo Curtain Call Awards (based in a different city to the one we played in!). Shortly before seeing the Our House concert I played Lawrence in Calendar Girls and despite the initial heart attack that happened the first time the calendar scene was done for real, thoroughly enjoyed working on another fantastically written and moving piece.
The reason I'm getting in touch is, not only to say how much I admire and enjoy your work, but to ask if you have any advice to any younger performers or know of anything that could help. I'm now at the point where I really want to take acting to the next level, and although I've done a little bit of professional work here and there - it's limited to voiceovers, murder mysteries and profit-share mini-tours. I have auditioned for drama school successfully but found that the only thing not allowing me to progress down that avenue is not being able to afford it and have no real idea of what to do next.
The passion and desire I have to break through into professional work has been with me since I was at school and has been boosted all the more after I won the chance to perform in We Will Rock You at the Dominon for one night only as well as being asked to perform some solos in a couple of West End based charity shows. Two weeks ago I was very lucky (and very very stunned) to receive an award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy/Comic Drama for Lawrence - which is something I'm extremely proud of doing and made it seem only right to contact you and see if you were able to suggest anything to me. Currently I'm in rehearsals for Blackadder (playing Blackadder) and hoping that afterwards I can find a way of crossing the line and perform professionally full time.
I really hope this message makes its way to you and if it does, many many thanks for your time reading it. I really hope you can throw any advice you can my way - anything at all would be of great help and really appreciated!  All the best  Sean.
P.S - please keep me posted if Our House comes back to the West End and you hold auditions, I'll be right there!! =)

The truth is there is no single route. I'm no great authority on performing or the structure of the profession. I do know that what drama schools cannot teach, you have already learned; which is to drive your own endeavour. What they CAN provide you with is the imprimatur of having been to a drama school which is usually how you get an agent. And an agent is what you need to get. Of course I know from experience the bloke who acts as the usher at auditions stands as much chance of getting the job as the actors - there are no marks for effort. BUT effort is a huge component and if you are willing to pester an agency until they come to see you then you will stand more chance than if you don't. That's the simple physics.   Suppose the raw truth is - If you have been offered a place at a drama school, I would find anyway you can on god's earth to take it up. And be inventive in this. I know a guy who earned money storytelling round schools. It doesn't have to be Starbucks. TIM FIRTH

Jo Bridge

Hi Tim,  After having watched Calender Girls tonight for the umteenth time. I feel such a special link. I live in your Grans old cottage, I feel such warmth watching the fete scenes its just like the Hatton Show! The May Wilkinson Cup is such a lovely tribute. Just thought I'd share that :-) Jo

Tim Kimber - Littlehampton, West Sussex

Dear Tim. Last night, the "ordinary" ladies of TJ productions did something extraordinary. The roof of the Windmill theatre Littlehampton nearly got blown off, the audience went completely wild, and everyone agreed that this little theatre had never seen anything quite like it. I am used to appearing in musicals, when the audience applauds and cheers throughout the performance, but I have never witnessed this sort of reaction in a play. Tim, this piece of work is pure genius, and we thank you sincerely for the chance to have been involved in something so special. Calendar Girls Sunflower More on Amateur Dramatics Forum...

Alan Saunders

Not everyone's cup of tea but was wondering where I could get my hands on a copy of dare to believe? I have looked everywhere.

I don't think Dare To Believe exists on DVD as it was deemed too damaging to people's sanity. We will check as to whether it is available on prescription. TIM FIRTH

Bev McConville

Hi, I have great memories of watching ‘Money for Nothing ages ago, and have waited for ages to see if it can be released into a DVD… Any intention of issuing a DVD with a selection of Tim Firth works?  I love Neville’s Island, although it does make me cringe in places, not from the undoubted skill of the writing (which is incredible) but by the fact that I recognise so many character flaws and human ‘foibles’ in it!  I would like to add my voice to the number of people who would like to see more of Tim Firth’s work on DVD!

Alan Saunders

Any plans for this truly inspirational musical to tour again? Saw original in London in 2003 and again touring in Glasgow in 2008. Have told so many friends about it. Please bring it back. The younger generation can learn so much from it. Still don't know why it did not have the mass appeal of WWRU or mama MIA. It's streaks ahead of both. Tour again soon please!:)


Whilst cleaning out a cupboard I rediscovered my copy of Harmless Flirting. Would it be as good as I seemed to remember. Even better and what's more despite not having played it for three years - I could still remember all the words.  A belated thankyou for Harmless Flirting.

Irene Smith

Well I have now been trying to watch Border Café again for almost 11 years WOW Tim what an accomplishment so many people so moved by a TV show as to continue to plead for the release of the DVD’s I guess it foolish of me to think that by my adding my request to the list it will actually happen but I have to at least say GO ON GO ON GO ON… You know we want you to!!!! Like so many of the other good folk on this guestbook I would pay pretty well anything to get a copy of this series, I have the sound track but it is just not enough what can we do to get this released? who should we ask? And if not at least tell us WHY not???  God Bless you all Thank you for listening and one last time PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadly the only way something like BORDER CAFE will ever appear on DVD is if a
company comes to us wanting to release it...and I'm still waiting for that call. I have to say it's gratifying to hear that some people watched it, though. TIM FIRTH

Andy Platt

Hi Tim. My daughter is absolutely besotted with your musical Our House and watches it every day, more than once. I was wondering whether there are any plans for it returning to the stage at any time. I'm sure there would be lots of interest. Here's hoping!

Elizabeth Armstrong

Like so many others I should love to see Border Cafe on DVD, Preston Front is a favourite and I have watched it loads of times. But please can we have a DVD of Border Cafe.

Robert Burgess

Please please please can someone, somehow get me a copy of Border Cafe, it was my favourite programme and at the time was highly popular with my mates & I. I understand it has never been released on DVD and can't understand why, especially with the mountains of drivel I and others have had to endure on tv in the last decade or so.So if anyone can help me I would be eternally grateful.

Jodie Rhodes

Hi.   Please put me on the list of people who would love a Border Cafe DD. I emailed the BBC when I was 15 for a copy of he show and I'm still hoping one day it will happen. It was my favourite program 10 years ago and it's repeat on UK Drama reminded me that it still is. A DVD release would be fantastic. Thank You.

Андрей Аврамов

Calendar Girls was premiered in Sofia - Bulgaria on 8th of April! It's a marvellous play!

Louis Ling

Dear Tim. Just to let you know that Our House went very well indeed and It does work with shorter ending than Cambridge Theatre version, still gives that emotional feeling between Dad and Joe. Louis x..

Anthea & Dave Collins

Please, please, please could we have a DVD of Border Cafe after so many years of waiting. Even Tutti Fruitti eventually got released..

Luis Carlos Terrén

Hi Tim. I write from Spain and this is my little story. I was 12, when I met Madness and fell in love of them forever. I didn't mind anything else. I walked, studied and slept with them in my ears- At 18, I had a serious traffic accident in which my mother died and I lost 85% of audition (hearing) due to head injury. 3 years ago, I knew about the musical that you created and I decided not to see it, ...it was very hard for me. But a few months ago, my friends gave me for birthday and I had to do it. I had no words. "Incredibly amazing" doesn't express even half of what I felt. I could not understand the words, ...barely hear them, but the scenes that you invented for every song, were so similar to what I had imagined so many times while I was listening, that i didn´t need it. This is only to express my gratefull feel for make a new way to enjoy "Madness", ...the only way for me. Thanks a Million. P.D.: I bought also the "Song Book" from the musical, hoping to fully understand what they were saying, but in it, are only the songs. Is there any way to get subtitles or script? Thanks a lot.

Thanks Luis - I don't think there's a Spanish translation sadly but the script is published in boring old English. I'll see what I can do. Amazing story.

Paul Towson

Hi Tim, You may remember in the dark and distant past I lit Love Songs for Shopkeepers for you and Alan at the SJT. Now I find myself running a theatre in New Zealand(!) and I'm looking for something to direct. It's always been a favourite of mine, was it ever published? If not maybe you have an old script knocking about? I remember you sitting in the control room banging out the song on a piano for us to record (I wish I'd kept a copy). Still find myself humming those tunes. Hope you're well and busy. All the best,)

Chris Evans

Has it really been 10 years since Border Cafe? I would like to add my humble cry for its release on DVD. Although I'm a dyed in the wool Preston Front fan I remember Border Cafe with much fondness. In truth I guess I'm just a Tim Firth fan as I love Flint Street Nativety and the rest of his work. I would however like to see another Preston Front series before all the locations disappear. The Roman Holiday Restaurant is really delapidated these days, but the Greasy Spoon Cafe seems not to have changed too much. I'd love to see if Alley & Carl ever got together and it would be great if young Kirsty returned from America as a young woman looking for her father. Do Eric and Dawn have any children yet? Has Lloydy made his millions yet? Has poor Spock finally found true love and does Diesel own a large car dealership yet? If not a TV series how about a novel (the production costs are a lot less!!!)

Laura Bristow

Hello Tim Firth Website, What an amazing writer! Please, please, please, please release Border Cafe on DVD. I really need to see it again after 10 years, PLEASE

Stephen Giles

Dear Tim.  Great website. This is just a quick note to let you know that Grove Park Theatre in Wrexham are staging The Flint Street Nativity from October 28th to November 6th 2010. The cast and crew have had a fantastic time putting together the show - rehearsals have never been such fun! If you have the chance to catch the show during its run, please let me know, we'll make you extremely welcome. Regards and best wishes for the future

We are happy to add any amateur productions of Tim's plays to our WHAT'S ON page, so send your info to us here. TimFirth.com is also creating a forum on the website for amateur groups who perform Tim's plays. If you have any triumphs or disasters, or simply want to feedback a couple of thoughts or experiences on your show - these might benefit other groups planning future productions. 

Jan Parrish Hendon

Dear Mr. Firth,  I have been a fan of your writing for quite a while, and have found Calendar Girls to be funny, as well as an inspiration to “women of a certain age”. I am the Executive Director of the Robertson County Senior Center.  We are struggling with a lack of funds, and want to do something to gain some much needed resources.  There are some programs that are sorely needed, and our building is in need of renovation, too. We would like to stage a production of Calendar Girls.  We truly do not know what venue we will use, but I am sure we will come up on something suitable.  I have a lovely collection of women here, some of whom come from theatrical backgrounds.  I know it might be quite ambitious, but what a “shot in the arm” this would be! Please advise the procedure for obtaining the rights to such a fabulous production.  I thank you in advance for any help you might be able to give me. Best regards.  

The amateur rights won't be available for a good while as the show continues to tour both the UK and other countries. However when the rights do become available this website will be the first to know and we will make a big splash! HOT OFF THE PRESS: See News Page...

Nikki Toivonen

Hello, Tim. Both my friend (Germany) and me (Finland/Scotland) have been big fans of your most beautiful song "A Book of Stories" for many yrs now. I have been trying to locate the track on both Youtube and Spotify, but it does not show up there, which is quite disappointing.  I would like to know, if there is an easier way to get hold of your CD?. 

Fortunately we were able to respond to Nikki's request and get a copy of Tim’s CD to her.  Copies are still available. ORDER HERE

Louis Ling

Dear Tim, I really like the way some of the scenes in Our House has been restructured especially with Kath and Dad dancing at the being of Act One then just flows into ‘Our House’.  I would like to ask with regards to ending of West End / DVD I really thought that the whole Act Two ending with Joe and Dad talking to each other was very touching and emotional to watch then following on to ‘House of Fun’ then first scene of Act one reprise but without breaking in to pressman developments.   Why has this slightly changed in the new script from Josef Weinberg?  I hope you don’t mind me asking this would help me a lot as I have a production I am involved in next year.   I look forward to hearing from you. 

Louis - I wanted to keep the beat of contact between Joe and Dad, but then to move more quickly on to the end of the piece. The new version maintains a crucial momentum towards the end of the story, whilst hopefully not sacrificing any emotional impact. Have fun with the house. Hope it goes well. Let us know.

Nicola Wilkinson

Dear Tim. I am very involved in a local theatre company in Bermuda, I’m originally from the UK – a Lancashire lass no less. We desperately want to put on the Calendar Girls but can’t get the rights, do you know if they will ever be released or would you give us permission to show it? We did something similar a few years ago with Black Adder and were asked to donate what we usually pay in rights to the Red Nose Day Charity. Do you know of any way we could do your play…..you can always come to Bermuda to watch it….. Many Thanks

Once again: The amateur rights won't be available for a good while yet but this website will be the first to know. Stay Tuned.

Guy Hawley

So, once upon a time, there was a hint that Tim was considering revisiting Roker Bridge in later years to see what had become of Hodge, Eric and the others. Was that just a tease or should we be holding out hope for something in the future? Further down the Guestbook page it seemed that Sgt. Polson was looking to re-enlist... ;-) 

Darren Smart

Hi, I was wondering if there was anywhere I could purchase the stage shows of Calendar Girls on DVD or Online anywhere?  I'm unable to get to a theatre but would still love to see the plays, thank you. 

There aren't any plans to release on DVD - stage shows never fare well on film I think - but there are many more tour dates planned for next year. Maybe the show will come nearer to you. This website will be the first to publish tour dates for 2011.

Monica S

Thank you so much for uploading Money for Nothing.  I just watched it and I thought it was great.  Christien Anholt did a fantastic job.  Everyone was great. Thanks again!

Lynda White

Tim thank you so much for putting the whole of Money for Nothing on your site.  It’s absolutely brilliant!!!! Christien Anholt is superb, as are all the other actors and actresses in the film.  I do wish it could be released on DVD but this is certainly the next best thing!  Thank you again.

Garry Vaux

Dear Tim, I'm designing and compiling the programme for Studio 7's production of Our House in Kingston next month and wanted to ask if I could get permission to use the synopsis that's on your website. I will of course include any necessary credits. Many thanks

Yes, that's fine - please acknowledge TimFirth.com

Chris Ryde

Hi Tim.  Have you any idea when the amateur rights to Calendar Girls might become available?  I am a Trustee of a struggling theatre in Monmouth South Wales and we are hoping to mount a production to realise much needed funds to keep the theatre alive. Thanks

The amateur rights won't be available for a good while yet I'm afraid but this website will be the first to know.

Lynda White

Hi Tim. Any more news on Money For Nothing coming out on DVD?  I know a few people who are keeping their fingers crossed that it will be released.  It would be a brilliant Christmas present!! Thanks for all the great work you do!

Now on Tim's website - see here

Anna Morris - Publicity Secretary, Guilden Sutton Players

Dear Tim, Our local drama group, Guilden Sutton Players, are staging the first ever amateur production of The Flint Street Nativity from 18th to 21st November 2009. We are so excited to be putting on the amateur premiere and wondered whether you may be interested in joining us, given that we are very close by!  Please let us know whether you’d be able to join us (either incognito or with fanfares!)

Tim's response: Wow. That was quick off the mark! Ironically I'm going to be in Edinburgh rehearsing the first ever Scottish version, THE CORSTORPHINE ROAD NATIVITY but I may well send spies! Best of luck with rehearsals. May your donkey always collapse and your wings always illuminate.

Robert Hemmens

Dear Tim, Tonight me and my girlfriend watched Cruise of the Gods, followed by The Flint St Nativity, and it was a lovely evening in, so we thought we'd say thanks. Have a lovely day, please write more, Rob and Rebecca

M Lufting

Dear Mr. Firth, More then 10 years ago i saw some series of Screen One here in Holland. I know it has been requested before but since i cannot see when the last question was posted i hope you can tell me if the Screen One series have been available on dvd or vhs? hope to hear from you soon. Thanx

Chris Hodkinson

Dear Mr Firth. Is it not time for another music CD - perhaps called Heavy Petting. Regards

Tim's response: Thanks - but in my experience there is always a much longer gap between Harmless Flirting and Heavy Petting.

Kerry King

Hi. Can you please let me know IF/WHEN Calendar Girls will be released for amateur productions? Theatre 81 seater in Colchester (Headgate Theatre). Many thanks

David Sarokin

Mr. Firth, A colleague of mine remembers Money for Nothing as one of the best TV shows he's ever seen.  We'd love to find a copy of it on DVD, but it seems next to impossible, despite having won the Best TV Film award.  Is there any way you know of to buy a copy?  Even a dup of a personal tape would be more than appreciated. Thanks so much. 

A big thank you to all who have requested to see MONEY FOR NOTHING on DVD. The BBC show no signs of issuing any of the SCREEN ONE series. However plans are underfoot to look at the possibility of making a DVD available somehow. Keep tuned for further information later in the Autumn....

Joanne Barker

I am such a huge fan of the musical Our House and I was extremely disappointed that the tour ended last October. This must be one of the best staged, cleverly executed musicals of all time ( and I have seen over 60).The cast was exceptional.  Will this musical be touring again? [Being completely cheeky I would love to see Chris Carswell and the girl from Footloose reprise their roles. But I think Shane Ritchie and Jessie Wallace would be brilliant as the Mum and Dad].  Regards.

Keith Black

I would like to see Money For Nothing too.  Tim are you going to release it on DVD????  Christien Anholt who starred in that is a great actor.  He went on to star in Relic Hunter and quite a few films which we can get on DVD but I really want to get MONEY FOR NOTHING.

Monica S

Hi. I just want to say that I love your films.  I thoroughly enjoy them and am dying to see more. I would love to see Money for Nothing get released on DVD, especially since it won awards. I missed out on seeing the film when it originally aired, and would love to see it on DVD.  I hope this happens one day. Thanks again for all your wonderful work.

Lynda White

Is there any chance whatsoever that MONEY FOR NOTHING starring the brilliant Christien Anholt will be released on DVD.  I know so many people who would love to see it.

Jon Temple

Brill to see these bits of films, I’ve already been and bought dvd of Cruise of the gods. Wicked! I hadn’t realised James Corden was in it! Lol. Don’t you just luv Rob Brydon.

David MacCreedy

Whatever happened to the guy who played Sergeant Polson? He was such a great actor, and not a bad looker either!! Surely Mr Firth you could include him in some more of your projects....A spin off series or a movie part?? With Love

Dan Piponi

Many many years ago I saw a small student production of a play in Cambridge. I loved the play but for many years I knew nothing more about it. I was amazed when I found out the play's author and director had gone on to world famous theatre, TV and movie careers. The play was Hexen. Is the script available anywhere? By coincidence I've also ended up doing visual effects work on both
Tim Firth and Sam Mendes movies.

The play was never published, just performed during university days. Tim isn't even sure he can find a copy! But again, watch this space...


Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please,  release all 39 eps on DVD or in a DVD boxset Pleasssseeeeeee!

We all miss RATR sooooooo much. Last news of  DVD releases was 5 (yes FIVE) years ago.. sniff sniff.

PS Beg beg beg beg beg beg. Grovel grovel. (willing to part with serious cash to get it) (Even if you just release your own copies sold thru website, GO ON, You know you want to...)

There may just be some movement from The Children's Company about making these and other TCC titles more easily available. Nothing too imminent but the Rottentrolls may become more (legitimately) online than they currently are. Keep watching this space for news.

Robb Webb

Hi. I'm looking for a copy of the story of Christmas published by w h smith. We have a copy that we listen to and read every year, but the tape is getting old, and needs replacing. Can you help. Thanks.

See above - watch this space....!

Vanessa Grey

Is there any reason why Border Cafe hasn't come out on DVD yet?  I check every so often to see if it has. Thanks.

We have made enquiries both with the BBC and Hartswood who produced the show. The simple answer is that although the series does have a strong fan base (evidenced here and on the BORDER CAFE page), and had great reviews, it didn't attract enough viewers to make the production of a DVD financially viable.

Gary Whitaker
Hi Tim. Really thrilled to see that a Man of letters was turned into a full length play. It was a delight and an honour for me to create the role of Alan in the original production in Scarborough 1991. I still think of Jeff and Connal and the fun we had in rehearsals. I'm still acting in the UK but also directing and producing theatre in Sweden for The Gothenberg English Theatre. www.gest.se
I really hope that I get the opportunity to direct a Man of Letters or Absolutely Frank over here, I know it would go down brilliantly. Great to see that life has been good for you, your success is deserved. All the best

Hello, Mad keen on getting the Rotten Trolls series 3 and 4 on DVD
or well.... any format!
Anne Bradbeer
Hi "Firthy" (if I may make so bold as to call you that). The current BBC7 repeats of And Now in Colour have just been such a delight. It always was my favourite radio show, and even 17 years on - it still is. I don't know if that indicates I've always had supreme good taste, or that I just haven't matured at all since 1991. If I'd been part of the audience, I'd've followed you lads anywhere! Still would, for that matter. Masterful surrealism, characterisation and wit. So clever to hang a sketch show on a narrative thread. Or did you include sketches into a narrative show? Whatever, it is still laugh-out-loud funny all the way through every episode. If only the BBC would make the shows available on CD. Regards, and thanks for the enormous pleasure ANIC continues to give. I hope the residuals are good :-)
The residuals are great and this year may exceed two pounds!

Ben Cucksey
I'd just like to add my name to the list of people who are pushing for a re-release of the rottentrolls DVDs. there hilariously funny even today 12 years on.

Rachel Allaway
Hi any idea when I might be able to get a copy of the script for the Flint Street Nativity??? Many Thanks
Check out Tim's representation people here:

Bob Jennings
Hi Tim, Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed playing the role of Roy in Nevilles Island last season at Knutsford Little Theatre. It was such a success that we chose End of the Food Chain to start off our new season. I really wanted the role of Bruce and got it after a hilarious audition. We're in rehearsals now and will be staging it with a cleverly conceived set from the 17th to 20th September. Many thanks for your witty writing and detailed observations of the human condition. Cheers.

Tony Stratton
Just thought i`d ask Is Our House the musical coming to essex? A venue i can recommend The Towngate Theatre in Basildon.
New dates are added all the time - keep checking the 'WHAT'S ON' page!

Jan Englebert
Our local drama group in Warrington would love to perform FLINT STREET NATIVITY this Christmas but haven't been able to get the script. This website states its available later this year but I contacted the company mentioned in the link and they don't know when it will be published. Any ideas as if its soon we'll wait but if not we need to decide on something else for this year.
THE FLINT STREET NATIVITY will be published ready for next Christmas!

Sarah Porter
Thanks for the great night out that was the press night of “Our House” at the Birmingham Rep. And thanks even more for signing my programme in the interval. Here’s crossed fingers for great reviews!

I went to see the new production for Our House The Musical, I went hoping that the show was as good as when I had seen it twice at the Cambridge Theatre, I can honestly say I was not dissappointed. The musical is still exciting, funny and entertaining with a really good story, I loved the performances by Chris Carswell (Joe) and Miria Parvin's (Sarah) excellent version of the new Madness song NW5 was amazing she has such a good voice. My only complaint is the fact Prospects has been dropped as I thought this helped the story and was excellently done in the original. Good luck for the rest of the tour.

Jonathan Bernales
Dear Mr.Firth. Is there any chance that Our House get to the USA? I think Our House can be a hit here. Is there any way I could get a region 1 DVD somewhere? I only see bits on YouTube. I want to see more. Help!!!! :-)

Lisbeth Rake
The Chesil Theatre's production of Neville's Island directed by Vara
Williams performed last May won the 2007 Southern Daily Echo Curtain Call
Award for Best Lighting and Sound Effects. It was nominated for Best Set and Props, Best Director of a Comedy, Comic Drama and Production of the Year. The ceremony was on Friday 18th. See our website
HERE for photos of the production. We are keen to mount Flint Street Nativity next Season but apparently it has not yet been published. Can you help?

Sean Welsh
Hello Tim Firth's website. I love all the work Tim has done and will look forward to seeing some more in the future.

Ali Bingham
Any chance of more Rottentrolls DVDs? In particular, from the Princess Kate series. Episodes like 'The Extremely Tempting Caravan' and 'Commander Harris Loses It' have some of the funniest kids TV moments ever - the bit where Yockenthwaite thanks the Rottentroll gods for bringing the (train) barriers down to protect his caravan from the truck, and Yockenthwaite on supposedly-stealthy military manoeuvres carrying a giant arrow pointing to himself and blaring a car horn. Really, really good stuff. And definitely in need of a DVD release.

Phil Ryding
I believe tim has been pushing for a new series for a while, but like everything with the BBC, its probably like pulling teeth.

Chris Evans
It would be great if we could revisit Hodge & friends from "Preston Front" is a kind of "were are we now" update. Would Kirsty return to Roker Bridge in search of her dad? Will Lloydy ever "grow up"? Will Alley ever find true love? Are Eric & Dawn still together and is Diesel an Ostrich millionaire? Only Tim can answer these questions and more. Lets hope he does soon. PS. Anyone for a game of Gurkha Tank Battle!

Lee Oulton & Grace Healing
Hi. Please could you tell me where I can get a copy of Money For Nothing from? I met you at charlies car garage in helsby about 6 months ago.

Kate Long
Can I echo Mark Chapman’s plea? I’d really like to hear those songs again, especially the one featuring Liza Goddard and Bob Hoskins! Would pay good money to download them, lol.

Julie Rich
This is a quick plea for help. We are an amateur group undertaking Neville's Island in November. We are having trouble sourcing a dead Gyrfalcon. Does anyone have one we can borrow, or know where we could buy one. We are based in just outside Portsmouth. Many thanks

Mark Chapman
Hi Tim. I have loved the songs from And Now In Colour for years; funny and often very telling and moving. Why no mention of ANIC on your website? Apart from "he later devised an award-winning Radio 4 series." I'm going to buy your cd from your website but are the ANIC songs available anywhere??? Thanks

Bob Falfa
It would be great to have a discussion forum on this site related to Tim's work and /or promotion of new writing/writers relating to comedy drama. Like minded supporters of Tim's work could share experiences and thoughts.

Robert Edwards
Is Our House the musical going to make a comeback in the UK?

Thanks for the newsletter! It’s a pity to hear that you think Border Café will never be released on DVD! Is there absolutely no other way of us fans getting our hands on it? Keep up the good work!

David Murdoch
Hey. I was a huge fan of "The rottentrolls" when I was growing up. It was my favourite show. I just wanted to know if there was any way to get a hold of series 3 and 4 episodes. If there was any plan to release them on dvd, or even to just purchase copies of the old tapes used to send out the original broadcast. Rottentrolls was the best thing on tv when i was growing up and if there was anything i could do to see the 3rd and 4th season again, i would do it. Thanks

I recently read a newspaper interview with Stephen Tomkinson (Lancashire Evening Post) in which he stated that we may not have seen the last of Preston Front on our screens! - Please keep us informed of any developments.

John Bond Evans
This is the Landlord of the Holly Bush just wanting to say how much he enjoyed Ty Newydd. Very sorry to have left before you called time gentlemen please, but did enjoy your CD, and played it all the way to Southampton. Thanks to both you and Willy for an unforgettable experience.

Avis Davies
Chester Little Theatre
One of our directors, Margery, is really keen to direct a Tim Firth play
(we've already done Neville's Island and The End of the Food Chain). Can
you let us know if Safari Party or The Flint Street Nativity are either
available for amateur productions or whether they will be in the future? Or
is there another of your plays you could recommend for the Chester Little
Theatre to attempt? A great website, by the way!

Avis Davies
Thoroughly enjoyed Flint Street Nativity at Liverpool Playhouse - I'd forgotten just how good it is. Excellent production and cast. Have now purchased DVD from Amazon and see something different each time I watch. MAGIC!

Cara Thomas
Hi. I am a member of an English language theatre group (amateur) in Switzerland, and we would love to put on a production of the Flint Street Nativity for our 25th anniversary winter production. I can't find any links to buy a script, however, or find rights, so I guess it is not possible, but I will be keeping my eye on this website, and keeping my fingers crossed just in case! Of course if I am wrong and it is possible for a group to produce this script I would be happy to receive any information.... Cheers!

Olivia Collier
Hi, I am the owner of various dance and acting schools in the capital of Perth, Western Australia. I wanted to tell Tim that of all the musicals produced in the new century “Our House” would have to be in my top 3. It is certainly the most intelligent musicals ever written- I absolutely adore it. I am on a quest to try and find information of the rights as an amateur producer. I really think I could do it justice! I saw you answered a lot of questions on the site and was hoping you would make my year by helping me out. Many thanks in Advance

Mark Williamson
hi tim. your dad was my headmaster at primary school i would love to know how he is these days and if he is still telling the stories about spot the dog and chud and kipper. cant remember the name of the puppet he always had in school.hope to hear from you soon.

Phil Ryding
As a huge fan of PF, it was fantastic to see 'Back to the front' included with series 3, but whatever happened to Paul Haigh. Its amazing that an actor of his ability never went on to become an established tv regular like Colin Buchanan and Caroline Catz.

Alison Carter
A big big thankyou. I have just found out that series 3 of Preston Front is being released October 2nd. Can't wait, thanx.

Sarah Smith
I would like to join the many other people wanting to see "Border Cafe" on DVD. I have written to the BBC about it and they say they don't have plans to repeat the series, so please get it released on DVD if you can. If you need a petition signing, I'll be right here! Thanks!

I loved Border Café and have waited and waited for it to be released on video and now DVD. How do we make Auntie Beeb do this?

Alison Carter
It's me again! Just watched series two, brilliant!!! Thank you once again.

Steve Price
My copy of the Preston Front series two DVD has just arrived and does
not appear to contain any extras. Will these be included on the series
three DVD - I do hope so.

Alison Carter
Have just received my dvd of AQOTPF and played all 6 episodes one after the other, what a memory trip!!! SO lucking forward to series 2 and 3. They seem as fresh now as they were when first aired. THANKYOU SO MUCH. It's a shame it's taken so long but I am sure that hundreds if not thousands of fans will not be disappointed.

Ashley Sims
Please, please, please can we have an update (since '04) about the planned future release of the rottentrolls, series 3 & 4, on DVD! many thanks....

Steve Price
I've just finished watching the first series of Preston Front on DVD and
I'm glad to report that it really has stood the test of time. I enjoyed
every episode just as much as I did twelve years ago, and can't wait for
the second and third series to be released. Any idea when this will be?

Kath Slaughter
Preston Front: Wow just placed my order with Amazon for series 1. Thanks for listening guys!

Sam Rhodes
Our House is a truly fantastic show and was a real breath of fresh air in
the west end three years ago, i cant wait to see the show again when it
tours, Madness and Tim Firth are two writing forces in true matromony in
this musical celebration of London life!

Ginny Brewer
Any chance of Calendar Girls being turned into a stage play and made available to non-professional groups? As with most am-dram societies we have a lot of women in their forties and fifties and very few plays written for them.

I live in Canada and am fortunate to have a dvd player & tv which I can watch region2 PAL dvds on. I purchased "Cruise of the Gods" from the UK and love it!! I wish it would be released onto region 1 format so that all here across the pond could enjoy it as I have. Contacted the BBC, but I too, received their standard "...No plans at the moment" reply. Are they crazy or what? I wish they would listen to the viewers and get their act together. There certainly is a market for more British Drama and Comedy to be released over here.

Antony Borrett
Hurrah Finally . so can we expect the other two series to follow something to look forward to

Scott Emery
Yeeeesssss!!!! At last! First series of preston front released on 24 april 2006 about time! - followed by series 2 and 3 later in the year - I can finally relive the series with my wife who wants to know what all the fuss is about? Excellent news

Guy Hawley
YES!!!!!! (See the News page if you don’t know what I’m referring to…) many, many thanks to whoever made it happen.

Hi there. looking at Play.com today, it looks like it has finally happened - series one of Preston Front is up there, with a release date of the 24.4.06!!!! Hooray!!!


Tom Reed
Have I seen correctly that the first series of All Quiet on the Preston front is out on dvd in April? :-)


Ian Pinner
I just felt that I had to add to the clamber for the "Preston Front" series to be released on DVD. I have tried explaining to my wife how brilliantly funny these programmes were. Nothing to match them since! She said "why don't you buy them, then.?" I cannot believe that they have not been released. Why not? When? Regards


Adrian Louis
With Christmas approaching I was looking for the ideal Christmas present for me. I was delighted to find comprehensive information regarding Preston Front on Matthew Newton’s excellent website. Imagine my surprise and horror when I discovered that the best comedy drama of the last twenty years is still not available on DVD or video. This is a national disgrace. Who is this Powers Thatbe? This person should be held to account and publicly flogged. Would I be out of order in suggesting that if the setting had been a leafy suburb in Surrey, that this program would had been rushed into the shops in 1997? This is just the sort of Watford-gapist attitude I come to expect from the BBC these days. Yours outraged in Lincolnshire


David Sargeant
I just wanted to add my voice to the list of people calling for The Preston Front to be released on DVD. It was Comedy Drama at it’s very best… excellently written by a brilliant cast. Can’t understand why Eric and Lloydy don’t seem to have done much since. I even went out and bought the Milltown Brothers album as I loved the theme tune!


Hey I was just wondering if there were any plans for more DVDs of the Rottentrolls other than Combat without contact and state of emergency?


Please-o-please, powers that be, release Preston Front on DVD. A classic!


Guy Hawley
Anyone flying longhaul on BA in October might be interested to know that ‘King of Fridges’ is showing on inbound flights to the UK.


Andrew Herbert
I have just returned from seeing a preview screening of Kinky Boots with my daughter (14) and friend and I just had to let you know how much we all enjoyed it. We unanimously gave it a 'must see' rating and between us it scored a 9.5 out of 10. When the credits rolled and we found it to be based on a true story, I was impressed even more by how well it was interpreted for the silver screen. Well done and I wish you every success with its release. Respectfully yours


Adrian Brougham
I must be one of a host of Preston Front fans asking if the series is ever likely to be made available on DVD. Once, every so often, a series comes along that is outstanding and needs to be available on DVD (or video) so that we can watch quality when there is not much of it currently screened. So if a series such as Outside Edge is available on video, why not Preston Front? Kind regards


Peter Hardy
When oh when oh when will the Preston Front series be out on DVD? Every 3 months or so over the last 8 years I have had a trawl to see if the powers that be have yet cottoned onto the need to show for a new generation the funniest comedy of the 1990s. Every 3 months or so I have been disappointed yet again.


Fiona Sutherland
"All Quiet on the Preston Front" came back into my head the other day while watching an episode of Dalziel & Pascoe. I commented that I wished they would repeat it - it was just great and more worthy of a repeat that some of the drivel we have to put up with nowadays. While on the net recently I thought I'd have a look to see if there were any videos/DVDs available and can't believe that it's not even been thought about!!!! Found this Guestbook and felt I had to "do my bit" and urge the "powers that be" to please, please, please get this fantastic award-winning series, if not back on our screens, at least out on DVD - if we can get Only Fools every other week, why not this?


STILL desperate for Preston Front on video ... in fact, I might even venture out and buy (shock! horror!) a DVD player if only I could get hold of it! All I have salvaged are 5 episodes from Series 3 on my trusty VCR, but I would love to see the rest again. PLEASE can we get them retelevised or released? If only to shut up the not-so-silent majority of us who thought they were fab!


Deb Archer
Having the good fortune to come across the Flint Street Nativity one Christmas years ago I too am trying to get the DVD. Living in New Zealand we are not even lucky enough to have repeats of this play so everyone has to listen to us relaying the best bits. I'd love to get a copy somehow, please, please, please!


Denise Bowdler
Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without getting together and watching The Flint Street Nativity. What a classic Tim Firth comedy that keeps you laughing from start to finish. My VHS recording is almost worn out and I wish they would release it on DVD. That would be my best Christmas ever. Come on Yorkshire TV. There are lots of fans out here.


Simon Steggles
Mr Firth, I am sadly shocked that in this day and age, quality programs such as All Quiet on the Preston Front, and Preston Front, are STILL NOT AVAILABLE on DVD for the license fee paying public to purchase. The only way of getting a copy is via the web and some mad man who will quite happily video his video’s of them. Wonderful as that is, its still not of a decent copy. To both yourself Tim, and the BBC powers that be, PLEASE RELEASE AQOTPF AND PF on DVD, so that I can re-live the outstanding humor and wonderful acting that made me laugh so much all those years ago. All the best, and regards,


Suzanne Firth
Anyone else counting the days to Christmas when, hopefully, 'them up there' will see sense and repeat 'Flint Street Nativity' ? and no ... this is not a relative posting in on the guestbook - well not unless Tim Firth originates from Leeds with a strong Orkney Islands link! Love the web-site - keep it going !!!!!!!


Daniel MacCreedy
Hi Tim remember me Daniel maccreedy David’s nephew wicked site Tim I never did c Preston front. Was it really good!


Annie Sherborne
help I live in the southern most part of the world Riverton New Zealand, I am in so much trouble because I wiped the only video copy we had in our house of Flint Street Nativity...is there any way I can get a copy....


Janette Lomax
Hi thanks for the great web site. Things are far too quiet on the Preston Front DVD!!!!!!!!!!!! Please will someone get it released and soon, it was just the best TV.


David Deegan
Just found this site. Reading the guestbook entries it is nice to see that so many other people have been regularly surfing the net to find out if Preston Front has been released on DVD. I wrote to the BBC asking when they were going to release it but received a standard "no plans at the moment" reply. Don't these letters at least go into a file somewhere so that when it gets to bulge above a set thickness, someone can say "I think it might be worth releasing this!" Or would that just be too sensible? Anyway, great site Tim. Didnt realise that you had also written two other things I adored - Cruise of the Gods and Calendar Girls. What a talented man! All the best


Toni Savage
Thank you for entertaining me so marvellously over the years.


Chris Westcott
Just come across the website in one of my fairly regular searches for Preston Front on DVD. I too would love to be able to get hold of all 3 series. Please make it happen, and keep up the good work.


Molly Pinner
Tim, you rock. I've got a copy of the Mike Harding show that i absolutley cannot stop listening to. And now, my lovely mum has sent me a copy of Harmless Flirting to my Uni Halls (Exeter). It came today, the morning of my exam, and it's chilling me out nicely! I love English Love Song, but really, you can't beat Same Thing Twice. It's over a year since me and my mum first heard it, and we still love it!


Matthew J Newton
Hello! Congratulations on this site - I found it very interesting. Many thanks for the plug for my updated Preston Front website. And here's another vote for PF on DVD - I get quite a lot of email through the site from people wanting to know if it is out. It would be good to have some sort of more organised lobby for me to point them to!


Guy Hawley
Webweaver - thanks for a great site, keep the news coming. You say that
comments about DVD releases don't go unnoticed and when I saw Tim Firth in Chester several years ago he said there's nothing he'd like better that to
see PF out on general release - I guess the royalties are pretty good ;-) -
so is there anything we can all do to lobby one of the DVD companies to get
moving? In order of preference I'd love to have PF (boxed set for me too
please), FSN and BC to replace my worn-out tapes.


Kirsty Harrison
Another request for FSN to be released on video or DVD! I had it on video, but watched it to death. Also, I don’t have the luxury of ITV2, so I missed it on Boxing Day. Boo Hiss. Still sing away in a manger like the shepherds and Mary.


Steve Price
When will Preston Front be available on DVD? A boxed set featuring every
episode from all three series is what I'm looking for, but how much longer must I wait?


Webweaver @ timfirth.com
As webweaver for timfirth dot com, I would like to wish seasons greetings to all visitors to the site and thank all those fans of Tim's work who leave comments. It is very encouraging to see the guestbook entries rolling in to the web-site and I promise to try and produce regular updates to answer the numerous question which arise from the entries. There is a real buzz about The Flint Street Nativity with the news that it is part of Channel4's 100 Greatest Christmas Moments and the showing on ITV2 on Boxing Day. However questions regarding any future dvd release should be directed to Yorkshire TV, as the producers of the comedy drama. Neville's Island continues to delight theatre goers throughout the UK and several productions are in the pipeline for next year. The Rottentrolls dvds are in the shops. Any talk of dvd releases of Tim's successful Preston Front or Border Café series do not go unnoticed here on the web-site and demand often produces results, so keep your feedback coming in. Tim has had an exciting year with the release of his album 'Harmless Flirting' to great reviews and a comprehensive tour performing live with Willy Russell and the band. Finally, although we are not yet able to announce any details just yet, there is a lot happening in 2005 so keep tuned in for news.


Hilary Sims
Loved the Flint Street Nativity - any chance of getting hold of a video/DVD?
Where would I find one?


Trina Fitzgerald
Loved Preston Front but loved FSN too. WHEN will FST be available on DVD? Need to know to stop my husband from whinging!


Wanda Sooby
Hi, I would also like a copy of 'Flint Street Nativity'. There seems to be a demand....any chance of a repeat on TV or a VHS?


Janice Russell
Has anybody managed to get hold of a copy of this show? I would love to watch this again, I can't understand why it's never been repeated.


Bryan Ruby
It says that there is no DVD available for the Flint Street Nativity...does that mean that there is a Video? I loved it so much and would love to have the Video so I could Watch it over and over again!


David Stanley
Hi Tim, Just like Val Lomax I, too would pay good money for a DVD of Flint St. See other listing: Love 'Flint Street Nativity' Desperate to get a copy on DVD or Video. Any help?


Val Lomax
Love 'Flint Street Nativity' Desperate to get a copy on DVD or Video. Any help?


David Smith
Hi there Tim, my fiancee and I saw you and Willy in Edinburgh at the
weekend and the show was fab. I love the Harmless Flirting CD, which you kindly autographed for me. As I mentioned, I was a fan of the Rottentrolls but have also been hoping for a repeat - or better still a DVD release - of Combat Sheep, the Commander Harris spinoff which I stumbled upon on TV a couple of Christmases ago. Any chance...?


Liz, Ruth, Elizabeth
In Other Words
Thanks for the brilliant online programme. We were at your Northampton show. We've printed off some of the pictures; they're a great souvenir.
Where else are you performing from September onwards? - all our friends want to come and see you after having heard your CDs. Will try to catch you in Scotland. We agree with so many sentiments already written on the website. Love your work


Ian Cripps
Favourite work ? Spent seconds on the Blackball question and ages over this one. I guess it would have to be "All Quiet on the Preston Front", or Border Cafe if only because of withdrawl symptoms as they aren't (yet) available on DVD. (hint, hint).


Tom Sweetman
We are showing Neville's Island at the Oldham Coliseum Theatre at the moment and there have been delightful reviews with much praise for the sparkling script. Much laughter and an audience who are invited to think through the darker moments. I may be biased ( and probably am ) but it's a great show and we are having a ball !


Jeff Callaghan
My wife and I went to see Tim and Willy Russell at Buxton Opera House last Saturday night - what a brilliant show! Many thanks to Tim for the years of wonderful writing - it's obviously a gift - nobody could be taught how to write like Tim - sheer brilliance! If you weren't crying with laughter at that show, you're already dead! Tim and Willy MUST repeat the show next year - it would be worth cancelling your holidays to catch it! Kind regards.


Sarah Griffiths, aged 14
hey! just wanted to say, i saw Tim Firth and Willy Russell at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff last week, and i really enjoyed it. It was a great show, and everyone seemed to really be enjoying themselves - i know i did. it was awesome meeting the guys after, and i have listened to 'harmless flirting' every morning on the way to school!


Sally Ware
Saw Neville's Island on stage last year, laughed and laughed and laughed my way through this riotous comedy (as did my 16 year old son). Brilliant, witty play from a multi-talented man - writer, musician, singer etc. Would love to see it again and more of Tim's other work. Great web-site too.