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a David Bowie was a fan of Cruise Of The Gods and played it in his tour bus. It is referred to in a funny scene from Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan’s ‘Trip To Italy’ and was again mentioned on the Graham Norton show ! (HERE)


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Cruise of the Gods

Written by Tim Firth Video link
Directed by Declan Lowney
Produced by Alison Macphall
Associate Producer Tim Firth
Executive Producers: Henry Normal & Steve Coogan
Single film for Baby Cow/BBC2

The Screenplay

The screenplay originally started life as a stage play intended a for the Donmar Warehouse.

Broadcast as a Christmas Special on BBC2.

Originally Steve and Rob were going to be cast the other way round but Steve Coogan's idea was to swap and confound audience expectations.

Both Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan received British Comedy Award nominations for their roles.

"America is Pollux..."


The Story

THE CHILDREN OF CASTOR an 80s apocalyptic science fiction TV series is a hit with young British viewers. For its young stars, Andy Van Allen (Brydon) and Nick Lee (Coogan), the future looks bright. Twenty years later, the show still has a dedicated following. Whilst Nick is a successful actor in SHERLOCK HOLMES IN MIAMI, Andy's career has not fared so well. Even so, surely his fortunes haven't sunk to the level of THE CHILDREN OF CASTOR fan cruise...


The Cast

Andy Van Allen - Rob Brydon
Nick Lee - Steve Coogan
Jeff 'Lurky' Monks - David Walliams
Hugh Bispham - Philip Jackson
Graham - Niall Buggy
Jenny - Helen Coker
Russell - James Corden
Daniel the Butler - Daniel Cerqueira
Vivienne - Robin Weaver
with special guest appearances by Brian Conelly and Jack Jones
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You know the feeling - one minute you're a TV love god with your own 1980s sci-fi series, then next thing you know, your show is history and you're reduced to hotel portering. When former star Andy Van Allen (Marion and Geoff's Rob Brydon) is invited to make a guest appearance on a cruise liner full of fans, he thinks his ship has come in - again. What a shock, then, to find much more successful co-star and rival Nick Lee (Steve Coogan) along for the ride, too. The man behind I'm Alan Partridge is naturally the main draw to this one-off comedy, but it should also please closet Blake's 7 fans.


Adoring fans, wild seas and sexual adventures - Rob Brydon's new show has it all

The wind was howling and the ship was pitching so violently that actor Rob Brydon panicked. He leapt out of bed and paced up and down in his cabin waiting for the call to man the lifeboats. He felt very alone.

'You don't really get storms on the Mediterranean, but there was one night when I thought it was really horrible and I put on my clothes on thinking that we were going to have to abandon ship. But nobody else in the team was ever woken by it,' he says.

The Welsh actor was on the ship for three weeks in October to film Cruise of the Gods, a BBC2 comedy drama. Rob, 37, plays Andy van Allen, the former hero of a cult eighties sci-fi TV show, Children of Castor, who's working as a hotel porter. In contrast, his former co-star, Nick Lee, played by I'm Alan Partridge star Steve Coogan, has since shot to fame in the US starring in a glitzy mini-series, Sherlock Holmes in Miami.

But things start to look up for Andy when he's invited to join a Children of Castor fan cruise. Once aboard, a combination of fan's adoration, a sexual encounter and an unexpected death ensure the cruise is far from plain sailing.

'It's very easy to identify with someone like Andy who's down on his luck, because most actors have a struggle at some point,' says Rob. 'Andy behaves quite badly, so I had the challenge of keeping the audience's sympathy for him.'

But while it may have been a rough passage for his screen character, Rob really enjoyed the filming. 'It was the wonderful experience of a troupe of actors going of abroad together. We got to visit a lot of great places, with a week on a Greek beach and a day off in Venice.'

Rob's most famous creation is the cabbie Kieth in the award-winning BBC2 black comedy Marion and Geoff. The show was a huge success for Rob, and he's now filming a new series, to be screened in February.

So has Rob collected his own brand of adoring fans? 'Umm… I have, er, very respectful fans who say nice things to me, but they stop short of adoration,' he reports. 'They haven't thrown themselves in front of me, as yet. But New Year's looming, so I'd never rule it out!'
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a David Bowie was a fan of Cruise Of The Gods and played it in his tour bus. It is referred to in a funny scene from Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan’s ‘Trip To Italy’ and was again mentioned on the Graham Norton show (HERE)!

a The cruise ship crashed during filming, running aground on a reef and gouging a 30m hole in the hull.

a Filming had to continue on the same ship (Olympic Voyager) whilst in dry dock in Athens, and then on a false ship built at Shepperton.

a The DVD features fly on wall documentary by clapper board assistant Dave Lambert and features the crash.

a Won a BEST DRAMA AWARD on a sci fi fan site


a DVD available DVD available

Other scripts, CDs and DVDs of Tim Firth's work are available.

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