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The Safari Party

St. James Calendar Girls, South West London

Warminster Calendar Girls

Seasons of Love: The Royal Albert Hall 7th October 2012

Kingswood Players presenting a cheque with proceeds from their production of Calendar Girls

Tauranga Rep - 16th Avenue Theatre programme of their production of Calendar Girls. 2013.  Kindly sent to Tf's Web Weaver... Thank you

Calendar Girls on the Algarve: Click to enlrage
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Stock drama Group Calendar Girls

Calendar Girls at Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre

Calendar Girls - Carshalton

Seasons of Love: The Calendar Girls at the Royal Albert Hall with Tim Firth: October 7th

Calendar Girls in Valletta, Malta

Calendar Girls in Singapore

Hayling island calendar Girls

Bradford on Avon Calendar Girls

Calednar Girls, Balham

Singapore Calendar Girls

Horfield (Bristol) calendar Girls

Neslon Calendar Girls

The Crescent Calendar Girls

The Miller Centre Calendar Girls

The Crescent Ladies

Carshalton Calendar Girls

The Sunflowers of Cardigan

The World Amateur Premiere of Calendar Girls.  The Grassington Players

Calendar Girls at Doncaster

Calendar Girls at Bolton Little Theatre

Port William photo shoot

Cannock Chase Calendar Girls

Progress Calendar Girls

Progress Calendar Girls

Kingswood Calendar Girls

Two Rivers Calendar Girls


Sign of the Times

The script is now available from Samuel French.

ISBN-13:  978057314013-6

Amateur Groups: Calendar Girls Music - Click here

TJ Productions Calendar Girls from West Sussex

Calendar Girls at Ilfracombe in Devon

Stourbridge Town Hall calendar Girls

Kingswood poster for Calendar Girls

Cheltenham Calendar Girls

Neville's Island at Chorley



Scrcipt for Calendar Girls

The script is now available from Samuel French.

ISBN:  0573110670
ISBN-13:  978057311067-2

Our HOuse Musical script

OUR HOUSE - The Musical is now available for Amateur Dramatic groups. Click here for Joseph Weinberger

Flint Street Nativity - the script

The script is available from Samuel French.

ISBN:  0573111316
ISBN-13:  978057311131-0


The script is available from Samuel French.

ISBN 0-573-14005-7


The script is available from Samuel French.

ISBN 0-573-01981-9


Harmless Flirting

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Text title for Amateur Drama Groups will always be happy to include your productions of Tim's plays on the WHAT'S ON PAGE.

Additionally we have created this forum for amateur groups who perform Tim's plays and have any triumphs or disasters to pass on!   We are asking - has anyone recently staged 'The Flint Street Nativity' or  'Our House'?  Perhaps you've struggled through the fireworks and damp pizza of 'Neville's Island' or played the tabletop golf of 'The Safari Party'?

If your group has recently produced one of Tim's plays, we would like to invite you to feedback a couple of thoughts or experiences on your show which might benefit other groups planning future productions.  Your comments on production planning, size, staging difficulties, snags or simple feedback on how things went could be useful.


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Hi Tim. Rotherham Amateur Rep are reprising your brilliantly observant play Neville’s Island in April 2017.  After our first production  in 1997 we won a prestigious local drama award when we took an excerpt there.  In preparation for our forthcoming staging we’re trying to get more info on the hymn ‘I see the meal upon my table Lord’.  Despite contacting various church groups, so far I’ve drawn a blank.  Can you or anyone in the Forum shed some light please.  Thanks in anticipation. Trish 

Thanks so much for doing the play more than once. The hymn won’t be found anywhere because I wrote it especially for the play. You are however invited to devise your own melody! TIM FIRTH

Good evening Tim
We the Coalville Drama Group are performing Flint Street Nativity during the first week of December 2015. Would you please add this to your forum and may we also request if any group has any props ie the large chair or the Spanish donkey we would be very pleased to pay for the rent of same. Coalville is in Leicestershire and you will be most welcome to attend OUR PLAY AS AN HONOURED GUEST. Kind Regards  Steve HODSON - 07973 853766

Dear Tim, I am writing to express our appreciation and gratitude on behalf of the Sullivan Players (San Diego, CA), the first theatre group to be granted US rights for "Calendar Girls" stage production.  Director DJ Sullivan, an acting mentor and friend to many in the San Diego theater community for over 50 years, is retiring - and she chose this as her farewell production. This special and heartfelt production has been quite a journey for all involved. Everyone in the cast has a cancer story and personal connection. I, for one, was called to step in to the role of Jessie the week before Opening Night for a cast member battling cancer, whose recent surgery left her unable to return to the production as anticipated.  Now, we have one more weekend left in our run, and this brave, inspiring woman's only goal is to be able to perform her role, even if just for one night, one act, or one scene, on closing weekend.  Whether she regains the strength or not, there is no doubt our closing weekend will be incredibly special.  Most sincerely,  Kymri Wilt

Dear Tim.  We, the St James's Players here in New Malden, South West London, want to thank you for the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the characters and narrative of your Calendar Girls.  We found it a very special experience that will stay with us for many years.  We performed it last October to large and really appreciative audiences and can now confirm that we have raised a total of £1,500 for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.  We are proud to have been part of this movement, joining hands with all the other Annies and Chrises all over the country in this life-affirming play.  In my garden I await the flowering of my own John's Hill from sunflower seeds given to me by the cast.  Elaine Brain ( Director ).

Hello Tim. Sorry The Kingswood Players were unable to join the party, but we're glad it was a great success. It's good to know that the sunflower logo is still reminding others of the cause. Our son Ed recently won BBC's Big Allotment Challenge (part of team Alex & Ed) with his sunflowers and displayed our charity calendar in the greenhouse for the 5 months duration of the challenge. So, it's fair to say your "Calendar Girls" have spread the word in more ways than one!
Looking forward to hearing the final amount the charity received over the amateur release period, will this be another record? Richard Bond

Hi Tim, What a fabulous Tea Party! I am so glad I went ahead with this project and that it was such a success! It was amazing meeting you and the girls and the 220 other Calendar Girls and boys,  thank you all for coming and making it the best day! I am truly blessed and am now looking at organising another party next year! I will keep you in the loop as always, Lots of love Laura Kenward! xx

Hi Tim, I just wanted to say thank you very much for our award on Sunday.  I directed Calendar Girls for Sterts and needless to say I am proud and pleased of what everyone has achieved.  I really hope that the awareness of this 'silent disease' has been enhanced by last year's productions.  Many thanks to yourself and the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Charity for making this possible.  Best wishes,
Lucy Gordon Clark

Dear Tim, We are a bit late to the party as per usual but we are on our way home from the Calendar Girls after show party-we have had the best day with the best people!  It was wonderful to meet you and the calendar girls! If the licence ever becomes available again we would do it again in a flash!!  Thank you to you all!!  Katie (Cora/miss July)  From the Norbury theatre in Droitwich! xxx

Hi we are producing Calendar Girls on 9th, 10th and 11th January. If any groups are putting it on after us please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any props. Happy New Year to you all. Andrea Pearce - Warminster Calendar Girls < email >

Hi Tim, I’m writing to let you know that The International Players, an English-speaking amateur theatre group in the greater Paris area, will be producing Calendar Girls in February 2014.  A share of ticket sales and all of the proceeds from the calendar will go to “Imagine for Margo” a local children’s cancer charity. The International Players are proud to be participating in the global Calendar Girls  movement. Good luck to all the groups who are performing! Our flyer is attached, along with details of the performances. All the best, Sue Laplane

Hi Tim, Theatre St Bruno Players have raised almost $13,000 for Leukemia and Lymphoma , Montreal branch, Canada with our April production of "Calendar Girls" and our 2014 calendar. Thanks for writing such a great play, the audience and we had a wonderful time. Best wishes, Sandra McCallum

Hello Tim. Following our production of "Calendar Girls", Kingswood Players were able to present a cheque for £2012 to the local branch of the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research charity our target to match the production year.  For a small group, we were well pleased and as a result have decided, this season, to raise funds for "Parkinson's UK" a charity close to our heart as it has affected three of our members - all we need now Tim, is the play! Regards and Best Wishes Richard Bond

Well, after Calendar Girls we did Our House.  It was amazing.  The most difficult thing we’ve attempted, but worth every nail biting moment.  If you want to get all your age groups working together – do it!  You’ll need a band, and it MUST include a saxophone, but it’s the most fun you will ever have.  The impossible costume changes CAN be done, you won’t believe how brilliant the music of Madness was (is) and you really don’t need a car.  Who has room for one anyway?  Thanks Tim.  Off to see Our House at the Belgrade – whilst rehearsing Neville’s Island.  Sad or what?  Paul Sullivan, Balsall Common.

THIS IS MY FAMILY: Could you advise where I could get a book/music please?  I am involved in an Amateur Dramatic Society (Beckenham Theatre Centre) and this looks like a very interesting piece.  Also will it be coming to London, or anywhere near London?  Colleen Batson.

Thanks for your interest. At the moment we're still seeing how it works in the studio in Sheffield. It's the first try out for a new musical so there's no doubt work still to be done before anything gets printed. All I can say is this website will be the first to know as and when anything happens with THIS IS MY FAMILY.

Last month our the East Linton Drama Group staged three sell out performances of "Calendar Girls and raised an amazing £2004 for "Maggies Centre in Edinburgh.  It was the best thing I've every had the pleasure to be part of and I would urge any group who is hesitating, to go ahead you won't regret it.  We now have some of the larger props to sell on, ie; Letter drop mechanism, fake piano, Sunflower mechanism, a Lectern, WOW/MUM floral prop and a huge pile of fake oranges.  We are approximately 20 mile south east of Edinburgh and some of these items can be viewed on the under News items. Thank you Tim Firth for giving Am Dram groups a never to be forgotten experience. Liz Ingram, Director 

Dear Tim. The Tavonians Theatre Company (Tavistock, Devon) will probably be one of the last companies to present Calendar Girls, in November.  Other productions had been planned but we managed to move one of them to fit this in! I shall be directing the production and it is going to be very difficult because my own wife died last year of a brain tumour.  I have felt the pain during some of the readings we have done but I am hoping to convert that into a moving - and very funny - production.  I know you have been invited to many of these productions over the last ten months but I would love to see you here on Saturday 16 November when we shall have a special Charity night in memory of my wife and in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support, which was her charity after her previous breast cancer!  I know that she would have approved of this production with all her enthusiasm.  Thanks for a great script.  Stuart Waterworth

Hi, We are staging Calendar Girls on the Algarve in Portugal from 27th to 29th June and thought you might like to use on your website a photo from our Calendar shoot. We will be asking for donations for the calendar in aid of The Oncology Association of the Algarve at the show. This group are providing much needed cancer care here on the Algarve at their day centre in Faro and are trying to raise funding for an overnight hostel.  Since Tim´s visit to our rehearsal back in April we have gone from strength to strength and my cast and crew are really looking forward to performing this fantastic show.  Best wishes,  Chris Winstanley - Director

Hi. We’re rapidly heading towards tech rehearsals for our production of Calendar Girls here at the Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich. Like companies across the country (and the globe!) rehearsals have been an absolute scream, both tears and laughter in equal measure. Our poor, hardworking volunteer stage manager has done a sterling job of getting all the props stored backstage, not an easy task with restricted space. There’s even room for a few of us actors back there too! As I type the set-build crew are busy building and painting Yorkshire Dales and village hall interiors, and they’re singing away (although thankfully not Jerusalem, I’ve heard that quite enough for the moment). It’s all looking to be a really amazing show, thanks to those first brave ladies for their inspiration and to your effortless writing style Mr Firth. We’ve no production photos as yet but I’ve included our poster and an early publicity shot from our calendar shoot, if they are of any interest. Just out of interest, are there any more Coras out there who’ve got themselves a permanent inked reminder of the show? Dawn Brindle (Cora)

Hi, I represent Riseley Community Theatre, a small group in North Bedfordshire. We staged “A Man of Letters” a little while ago and still have the prop letters we used in the production. They are between two and three feet high, so suitable for small stage productions. We used the principle of Orange UV paint which, when lit with a hired UV light with the stage lights off, made the letters glow very realistically. I can provide some pictures.  We now need the space so would like to pass these on to another drama group if possible. We would ask a very modest fee just to cover the cost of production, but could be persuaded to donate them to a suitable group! Anyone interested, would need to collect them themselves. I wonder if there is a way of passing on this information to any group who might be interested, via your site? Best regards, Clive Whittall (LINK HERE)

Hi Tim. The Windlesham Drama Group are putting the finishing touches on their production of Calendar Girls with curtain up on 16/17/18th May. We are delighted to announce that we have sold out for all performances & the profit from our ticket sales will go to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. The proceeds from our raffle will go to Macmillan Cancer Support. Rehearsals have been a hoot with loads of laughter along with a few tears & the cast & crew are working so hard to ensure this will be a successful production. Our audiences are going to love it! Thank you Tim for such a wonderful script.  Sue White - Director

Appleby Frodingham Theatrical Society will be performing the touchingly funny Calendar Girls at the Plowright Theatre in Scunthorpe from 7th May to 11th May. Due to our normal rehearsal rooms being flooded we have had to relocate rehearsals to a local working men’s club where the patrons have enjoyed the rehearsals as much as the cast!! Although we have almost all of the props we haven’t as yet managed to obtain a loud hailer. Did everyone use a loud hailer and if not what alternatives can you suggest. We’re all looking forward to moving into the theatre and performing in front of an audience. Regards Shirl

Opening night tonight for Soberton Players’ production of Calendar Girls April 25th – 27th. All the cast are very much looking forward to performing to an audience having had a successful dress rehearsal. Technically, everything pieces together very well, with an especially effective letter drop which adds to the poignancy of that scene. As always, there are mixed feelings – the excitement of the first night, but with the knowledge the whole experience is nearly over. Thank you to all the cast and crew who have made the whole process so rewarding and enjoyable – break a leg! Susan Hyland

With the Soberton Players’ production of Calendar Girls just 10 days away and their very own calendar just going to print (with every penny of profit from both production and calendar being donated to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research) it occurred to me that there is so much talent around the country that has been invested in all these productions that would it not be a wonderful idea for there to be one week’s production in a professional theatre, drawing on the very best from the numerous amateur productions? I don’t quite know how these could be organised but I think it is worth considering ...... Susan Hyland

Dear Tim. The Attic Players Club will be performing Calendar Girls on Thursday 25th Friday 26th and Saturday 27th April in Skelmorlie Community Centre - 7 for 7.30pm.  We are hoping to raise loads of money for our two local Hospices as well as Lukaemia Research.  Director Lana Lord and the cast are all excited and at the interval there will be a complimentary glass of wine served in The Lady Cravenshire Cafe and accompanied by deliciously large WI buns.   We have a photo shoot this Sunday and we are very excited (and nervous) but it is such a great play to be involved with. Thanks and kind regards, All Attic Players Members

East Linton Drama Group in East Lothian is staging it's production of the amazing "Calendar Girls" on the 17th & 18th of May.  I am delighted by the enthusiasm and dedication of the cast.  We have just held a photo shoot for stills to be used with the production and also for a T-Towel which we are selling to raise funds for "Maggie's Centre" in Edinburgh.  I can honestly say this is like no other play I've been involved in; the feel good factor even at this stage is phenomenal.  I can't wait till they are all on stage. Thank you Ladies (& Gents) of the cast and crew. Liz Ingram Director

Hi, I am the director of The Algraveans Experimental Theatre Group here in the South of Portugal. We are performing Calendar Girls at the end of June. We were amazed tonight when Tim Firth walked into our rehearsal!   He is down here on a family holiday and we are so grateful for his insight into the play and greatly valued his advice on putting on a great show.   I am blessed with a great cast and production team, all highly motivated to put on a fabulous show, but Tim's visited has sent them into the stratosphere. We will keep you up to date as to how it all goes and if you want to attend the Portuguese premiere of the show you will be most welcome.  On behalf of all of us, thank you and good luck with your new show........  Take Care,  Chris Winstanley – Director - Calendar Girls

Soberton Players are in full flight rehearsing Calendar Girls for April 25 – 27.  We are producing a calendar very much in the spirit of the original, and had an amazing day recently doing the photoshoot. All the profits from both the calendar and the show are being donated to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research so we are hoping for sell out performances. Visit for ticket information. The powerful script ,which is so well crafted,  is already allowing the characters to develop just a couple of weeks in to rehearsals so we anticipate much laughter and many tears before performing to an audience.  Susan Hyland

Hi, I represent Riseley Community Theatre, a small group in North Bedfordshire. We recently staged a production of "A Man of Letters" and we still have the prop letters from the production. We are looking to rehome them if possible, and I was wondering if there was a way of circulating the details via your website or contacts? The letters are wooden, between two and three feet high, so suitable for small stage productions. They use the principle of UV paint, which glows in the dark when illuminated by a hired UV lamp. No electrics involved, so technically, it was very simple and worked brilliantly! Ideally, we would hope for a small contribution to cover the cost of making them, but could be persuaded to donate them to the right group. They would though, need to collect the letters themselves. Thanks in anticipation, for any help you might be able to give. Regards, Contact via website. HERE

Dear Tim,  My group had a monster success with Calendar Girls last September - sell out audiences and loads of cash for Leukemia Research.  We were going to do a boring Murder Mystery this Spring until I showed the team some excerpts from the Our House DVD and was flattened by their enthusiasm to do it!  So I am starting to block out a production for late June - but I have one question. The group absolutely loves the original chemist shop opening.  It's a bit "rude", so it appeals to the 16 year olds, it's energetic, hilariously funny and it introduces Lewis, Emmo, Billie and Angie brilliantly.  Is there any way we can use that segment?  I know the published script for amateurs reflects the revised version and we wouldn't mess about with the integrity of the piece without your OK.  Very best wishes, and keep writing! Paul Sullivan

Hi there. The Kingston Vale Operatic & Dramatic Society will be performing ‘Calendar Girls’ next week in Kingston running from the 6th-9th Feb in Kingston, and will be raising money for the Leukemia Lymphoma research charity. LINK. Rehearsals are going brilliantly, so if there was at all an opportunity to publicize on the forum ASAP that would be wonderful! It's a fantastic version with great comedy and an incredibly strong cast.  Tickets can be purchased at: (with no online booking fee). LINK. Kind Regards Natalie

Our production of Calendar Girls is scheduled for performance in the Gaiety Theatre Ayr from 20th-23rd March 2013.  We are having a few problems with sound effects and would be grateful for any assistance. Of particular concern is the series of radio broadcasts in different languages. Can anyone help/  Dennios Johnston - Ayr Fort Players:

Soberton Players have now cast their forthcoming production of Calendar Girls (April 25 – 27) and are beginning the serious business of planning the set. Our village hall with very small stage does not allow us to have raked seating so it is important to create some elevation for John’s Hill, whilst seamlessly moving from the hall to hill. Just mulling over several ideas ... hill at half stage, hall at full stage.  John Hyland

From 20th-24th November,  Stock Drama Group played to packed out performances night after night,  and all of the cast and crew had an absolute ball! We received fantastic feedback from our lovely audiences too – lots of laughter and tears, and all agreed that it was a truly wonderful show, and beautifully written.   We are also delighted to announce that during the six performances, we raised a stunning total of £3,798.17 for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research – WOW, as Chris would say!   In addition to this, cast and crew members have been doing their own fundraising, so we have easily broken the £4,000 barrier, and are steadily heading towards £4,500!  Claire Wilson

Wow it is so great to hear about the many groups putting on Calendar Girls. When I got the script and read it, I knew it had to be one of our plays for next year. I am so excited to be directing and would love to get any input from others on their productions. Our theater group called Betweenshifts Theater is located in Squamish, B.C. And believe it or not the ladies here are shy when it comes to doing partial nudity. So I have my work cut out for me to get creative in presenting that scene. I will let you know how is goes. Bye from Canada.  Linda Gardner

Tim. I have to admit, without any shade of embarrassment or humility, that The Kingswood Players production of Calendar Girls went down a storm! Our publicity went through the roof, with features in The Independent on Sunday, The Daily Mail,  BBC's Radio Bristol and The One Show.  Our alternative calendar has sold well, both locally and by post, continuing to raise funds for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. If you are able to provide a postal address, we will be please to send you a copy with our compliments.  Myself I have received numerous email enquiries regarding the staging and props aspect of the production - the farthest away being from New Zealand,probably because our production was in October on the anniversary of the original calendar, but it's great to be able to help others during this challenge.  On behalf of The Kingswood Players and their (Standing ovation) audience - Thank You for an amazing script.   Richard Bond Director

Hello.  We are presenting Calendar Girls this month in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. We are presenting it at Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre. Keyano Theatre  Company (Volunteer Community Theatre).  Keyano Theatre Company (KTC) is a company of real people, real stories and real performances that exists to enrich the spirit of community theatre. We are committed to providing meaningful, relevant and quality entertainment.  I have attached our show image if you wanted to share it on the website. Thanks very much,  Misty Oakes

Many congratulations to all companies who have presented the play so far and best wishes to those about to... and especially to what is probably, to date, the most Northerly production in Alberta. I hope your backstage is very well heated. The Head of LLR is currently collating all the money coming in from individual companies. We will soon get a first figure of the Amateur Calendar Girls donation. Apparently it is already huge. TIM FIRTH

Hi Tim. 2 weeks to go for the Portchester Players' production of Calendar Girls (Ashcroft Arts centre Fareham 28/11 to 1/12) and we are already SOLD OUT!!! This was a life or death situation for this struggling little group, who hope to be celebrating 50 years of existence next year. We pinned our hopes on the show being a success and it looks as though we shall be guaranteed survival - at least for another year! We love the show. We are big fans, having also done Neville's Island (with the flipping gerfalcon!)and Fleet Street Nativity, Both very successful. And hilarious. Wish us luck everyone. Our cups will be riding high!  Kay Sumpner Portchester Players

Calendar Girls Fundraising party planned for next year.  Put 278th September on your calendar!

The CALENDAR GIRLS phenomena continues to roll and gather pace.   Several of the girls who have already performed their roles, are planning to continue fundraising to combat this 'cheating, sly, conniving, silent bloody disease that cancer is'...  One of the plans is to have a huge fundraising party next year (pencil in 28th September).  They have set-up a facebook page for all you enthusiastic ladies (and gents) to keep in touch and find out more as the event unfolds.  Tim Firth and several of the 'real' CALENDAR GIRLS are confirmed to appear already! If you are interested in supporting this event please contact the organiser Laura at or get in contact via the facebook page.
The Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research charity has set-up a facebook page, ‘I’m in a production of Calendar Girls’. So if you are on facebook, click to join the discussion group.  

Hi Tim. This year Seaham Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society picked your production of The Flint Street Nativity as our play production. We are having such a great time rehearsing the play (well I say rehearsing - we keep laughing too much at the script!) and can't wait to put it on in front of an audience. I've just come in from another great rehearsal tonight and where I have been planning how to make the scenery. Best Regards, Graeme Smith

Dear Tim, In Caterham, The Miller Centre Theatre Company’s ‘Calendar Girls’ production, staged from 13th to 22nd September 2012, was a ticket sell-out for the 198-seat theatre.  The ‘Calendar Girls’ cast, by starring in their own sassy 2013 colour calendar, raised £3,800 in profits from sales. Donations from patrons generated a further £1,002 and collecting tins produced an additional £97.  The ‘Calendar Girls’ actors will present the total £4,898 donation to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research at a reception on Tuesday 6th November 2012.  ‘Calendar Girls’ cast: Cora played by Linda Harris; Chris played by Anne Page; Annie played by Sally Bosman; Jessie played by Nikki Packham; Celia played by Cas Frost; Ruth played by Jackie Cast; Marie played by Christine Bower; Brenda played by Patricia Saunders; John played by Steve Boxall; Rod played by Andy Wiggins; Lady Cravenshire played by Carole Lane; Liam/Lawrence played by Kieran McGough; Elaine played by Katie Kavanag. Director: Barbara Beckett.  Kind regards,  Ann Robinson

Hi Tim. The Wisbech Players has just finished a very successful run of Calendar Girls, in fact it was so successful we had to add an extra performance, so all in all we ended up performing 9 times – to full houses every night.  Audience, cast & crew all agreed it was a very special experience, and it was all thanks to your wonderful script.  People were crying with laughter one minute and being moved to tears with the reality of why the Calendar Girls did what they did the next.  We struggled with ideas for the final scene and how to achieve a field full of sunflowers on a small stage, but our SM Alex came up with the wonderful idea - hanging sunflowers rather than having them on the stage, and with some wonderful lighting, they proved to be a fitting finale to a very special show.  Thank you for giving the Wisbech Players and hundreds of other amateur groups around the country, the opportunity to produce this very special play.  It’s an experience we will all remember and hold dear in our hearts.  I just hope all the groups producing Calendar Girls around the country this year have the success the Wisbech Players has enjoyed – break a leg everyone!  Isobel Shippey - Assistant Director

Hi Tim.  Just a note to say the Hayling Island Amateur Dramatic Society are putting the finishing touches on their production of Calendar Girls with curtain up this Saturday (20th Oct) at the Station Theatre.  We've had lots of fun in rehearsals, have produced our own charity calendar which is on sale about the Island and have really good bookings for all this weeks performances. We are cheating a little on the letter drop - we use a simple but effective animation of letters falling and project it from behind the audience onto the cast and stage. Obviously the lighting needs to be low and the projector bright, but it seems to work well enough for us, and saves all that mucking about with paper and clever mechanisms.  Thank you once again for writing and releasing this fantastic script.  Regards, Brian Stubbings, for the HIADS.

Hi Tim. I’m playing Chris this week with the Tudor Players at Charles Cryer Theatre, Carshalton (as mentioned by SADC’s Anne Page below, whom I saw in “my” part 3 weeks ago at the Miller Centre – very incestuous, this amdram!), and would just like to say what an extraordinary experience it’s been! Various facebook pages are dedicated to all the actors & crews participating (notably the official Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research page “I’m in a production of Calendar Girls” set up by L&LR’s Ellie Dawes who is playing our Ruth), and we’ve been swapping tips, sound effects & props like crazy. We’ve also been swapping the highs and the lows of our productions, from the entertaining photoshoots for our own calendars, to the heart-rending stories of audience members who have come up to speak to us after the performances. Thank you so much for writing such a marvellous play in tribute to the original Calendar Girls, and for giving us all this wonderful opportunity to be part of it, acting to packed houses around the world. Regards, Alison Lee, Director, The Tudor Players.

Hi Tim, My goodness!  We've certainly caused a stir in the sleepy village of Chipstead in Surrey!  Our announcement that The Chipstead Players will be performing your fabulous play from 1st - 6th July 2013 at Courtyard Theatre, Hazelwood Lane Chipstead, Surrey CR5 3QU was met with overwhelming enthusiasm, and I have it on good authority that local gym memberships amongst "40-something" ladies have escalated!!  We're very proud to be part of this wonderful venture, and auditions and fundraising will commence early in the New Year.  We'll keep you posted on activity!  Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the Calendar Girls phenomenon!  Lauren Milsom,

Hi Tim, yesterday evening the Lane End Players in Buckinghamshire had their first night of their production of Calendar Girls. The audience loved it! We have also produced our own calendar to raise additional funds for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research and this sold exceptionally well too! Thank you for making the play available to amateur groups. We have another three shows and then will sadly come to the end of our run. We would however be happy to talk to anyone thinking of producing the show and can hire or sell some of our special props, including a beautiful digitally printed hill backdrop and millions of prop sunflowers!  Peter Rose

Sutton Amateur Dramatic Club will be performing Calendar Girls at the Charles Cryer Studio Theatre from 6th to 9th March 2013 with a Saturday matinee. This will be challenging for the cast and director as it is a studio space with no wings and the audience's seating is raked quite steeply! In fact this will be the second run of CG at this theatre, the first taking place in October by the Tudor Players. We would like to wish all the other groups every success in what is an amazing 'shared experience'. Anyone who attended Seasons of Love at the Royal Albert Hall will have felt part of a very special club. (Tim Firth is an amazing singer song-writer - what a revoltingly talented chap! Check out his music.) I am delighted and privileged to have played Chris in The Miller Centre Production in September and to be directing the Chipstead Players production in July 2013. Anne Page - SADC Committee Member. 

Hi Tim, After a 6 show sell out The Garrick is delighted to have been a part of the Calendar Girls family.  As a result of our production we  have raised a substantial sum of money to be donated to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research at the Garrick's production of Fur Coat & No Knickers, when Beryl Bamforth and Chris Clancy (the original Miss January and Miss September) will be accepting a cheque from us.  Kind regards. David Lewis

St Neots Players had a great week performing  Calendar Girls 13 - 15 September - 4 performances and all but the matinee sold out (and that was pretty close)! Never known anything like it. Thank you Tim for the experience, we are going to be up here on 'Cloud Nine' for some time yet! Now we have a full stage set including the 'elusive backcloth' and all the sunflowers, so any group that needs one over the coming months please get in touch, we'd be pleased to help.  Richard Fitt.

Hi Tim, Just wanted to let you know about a very moving story that was shared with me during our run of Calendar Girls. Whilst having a drink after a performance a lady who had came to see the show approached me to say how much she enjoyed the show and how the character i was playing (John) reminded her of her husband when he had Leukaemia. Especially the part after John  loses all his hair and is in a wheel chair. She found that part of the play reflected incredibly accurately how ill and close to death her husband was. She also told me that her husband is called John but unlike "John Clarke" her husband pulled through and is in remission. He hasn't taken part in a nude calendar but has Cycled around Rutland water reservoir for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. I felt and still feel incredibly moved by that conversation. Playing John Clarke had already made impact on me. After this chance meeting with the lady after the show, the impact is more profound than I can find words for. Thank you for this special play.  Matthew Bird

The Wisbech Players has been rehearsing since June for your wonderful play Calendar Girls.  We start our run on Friday 12 October until Saturday 20 October at The Angles Theatre, in Wisbech.  Pre sales of tickets have gone so well we have had to add an extra show!  We have had so much fun rehearsing it.  We have also been inspired to produce our own calendar in aid of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, and are hoping it and our raffle during the run will raise lots of money for such a good cause.  It’s a real case of ‘Here Come The Girls’ with our production as we have a completely female crew!  We would like the wish the hundreds of am dram groups up and down the country producing Calendar Girls this year to ‘break a leg’, and hope they are having as much fun as we are.  Best Wishes. Isobel Shippey

Hi Tim. Winslow Players in north Bucks about to add to the list of Calendar Girls next week. What a wonderful play you've written, thank you. We are enjoying every moment. Derry French

Hi Tim,  We have just finished a 5 night sell out run of Calendar Girls in the small village of West Linton, just South of Edinburgh. The proceeds from the tickets sales and the Calendar we also created are going to Macmillan Cancer Support and the Margaret Kerr Palliative Care Unit at Borders General Hospital. We have raised around £4000 to be split between them.  So I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you Tim for such a wonderful script. We all felt it captured the characters and friendships of groups of females everywhere as well as tacking such a difficult topic that has affected so many people. We absolutely loved the play and have had a lot of fun rehearsing. It was a privilege to perform it and we all wanted to do it justice, which I thankfully think we did. We received standing ovations and as one of our audience put it ‘Well done to all the team, you were all absolutely fantastic. Made us laugh and cry and think. A cause close to so many people's hearts. X’.  As much as I’d like to think it was our fantastic acting skills, I know it is your script that brought out such emotions in our audience. I played the part of Annie and I could completely relate to her range of emotions, particularly as my husband Ian is currently undergoing Chemotherapy after being diagnosed with bowel cancer last year. He is doing well but I particularly wanted to thank you as the script and taking part in the play has been a very supportive and rewarding experience for me. Good luck to all other amateur productions and I hope you have as good an experience as we did.   Jacqui Haliwell

We are well into rehearsals for the attached performances of your wonderful play - amidst tears and laughter. We, too, are raising money for Leukemia and Nymphnoma Reserach - sponsor a sunflower etc., Details of the performances and the theatre (amateur) are on the poster.  Thank you for a great script - we are thoroghly enjoying it. Pat Jones (fully clothed Stage Manager)

Dear Tim. Southside Players are putting on Calendar Girls at the Chestnut Grove Drama Hall in Balham on 31 October - 3rd November (Wed-Fri at 7.45pm, Sat at 5pm). We are very much enjoying rehearsing the show and particularly the challenge of doing Act 1 Scene 6 in the round! If you fancy coming down to see the show do get in touch. Details about the group are on our website. and there are blog posts going up on Calendar Girls rehearsals at our blog  Best wishes Deborah

Just wanted to wish all the groups out there doing Calendar Girls all the very best of luck in their productions, The girls of the St Neots Players finished our last show 22nd September, and I think it changed all our lives.  Be proud of what you can do! And remember ‘Don’t touch the buns. Lynda

Hello Tim,  Tonight is Rotherham Rep’s third performance of Calendar Girls and everyone is having a truly great time. Three cheers to our clever director,  wonderful crew, amazing sell out audiences and over thirty sponsors - thanks to whom we have been able to produce our very own Calendar Girls Calendar to raise funds for cancer charities and Rotherham Hospice.  Congratulations to  everyone who has already shown their countenances divine and all the very best to those who are still in the wings ready to reveal their alternative views. Special thank yous to Tim for writing the play and the original eleven calendar girls for making all this possible.  Sheila Halse

Hi Tim, I am writing on behalf of Lancaster Footlights. We are now well under way with rehearsals ( the performances will be at our Grand Theatre, Lancaster, in October) and we are absolutely loving the play.  Sometimes we cry, other times we laugh, but every rehearsal is a joy.  With best wishes to all the other Annies out there. familylanedixon

Hi Tim.  Our forthcoming production of Calendar Girls opens next week!  We're really excited to be opening the Autumn Season of our 80th Anniversary year with this delightful play, and it would be great if your website team could add our production to the "What's Onpage. Many thanks  Roanne Insley  Tower Theatre Company Publicity Team

Dear Tim. Southside Players are putting on Calendar Girls at the Chestnut Grove Drama Hall in Balham on 31 October - 3rd November (Wed-Fri at 7.45pm, Sat at 5pm). We are very much enjoying rehearsing the show and particularly the challenge of doing Act 1 Scene 6 in the round! If you fancy coming down to see the show do get in touch. Details about the group are on our website and there are blog posts going up on Calendar Girls rehearsals at our blog Best wishes  Deborah

Hello Tim. We would like everyone to know that here in Chinnor Village, South Oxfordshire, Chinnor Players will be performing your wonderful play, Calendar Girls from 11th October to 13th October, in the Chinnor Village Hall  Evening performances 7.30 curtain up.  On Saturday the 13th there will be an additional performance at  2.30pm.  We are hoping to raise lots of money for the Leukaemia, Lymphoma Charities.  Chinnor Players have also created their very own version of the Calendar Girls calendar which will be on sale at all performances as well as being available in local shops in Chinnor Village.  Tickets are £7.50pp, £5.00 concessions and available now at the Spar Store, Church Road, Chinnor, South Oxfordshire. Good luck everyone. Zena Baker

Hi Tim. Just to let you know how we at Pegasus Productions got on with our three performances of Calendar Girls in Gorleston, Norfolk. I'm happy to say that we had fantastic audiences, the locals were out in force, and the professional production didn't affect us in the slightest!  Our special preview evening had full capacity, and the reactions and feedback was truly amazing, word soon got round about the high standard of our production and we had to hold the curtain for our further 2 performances, to accommodate audiences turning up on the door!  On a sad note, as the curtain came down on our preview evening, I was given the terrible news that my mother had passed away.  She was always very proud of our achievements (my sister was also in the production)  and although it was extremely emotional, we did it for her :)  Good luck to everyone performing calendar girls over the next few months, you'll have a blast.  Thank you Tim for making this available for amateur performers.  Sheila Pascall

One week down one week to go – Nantwich Players performing Calendar Girls has been a sell out for weeks.  It is an absolute wonderful play – the entire cast are enjoying the production run. From the reactions of the audience I believe they are too. Many of the regular patrons have it down as one of the best plays they have seen at the theatre – credit to director, cast and of course the slick timings of the backstage crew!   My only aside would be in Act 1 Scene 2 Ruth is never directed to leave by the script – we created an exit with Marie allowing the cast member to suitable change into a rabbit like costume.  Amber Edmondson

Hi Tim. I'm from Horfield Theatre Company and just thought I'd forward info regarding our production.  Tickets go on sale from 17th September.  Full details and I've also attached the flyer.  We're all very excited at HTC to be a part of this!  Many thanks!  Laura

Dear Tim. Last night, the "ordinary" ladies of TJ productions did something extraordinary. The roof of the Windmill theatre Littlehampton nearly got blown off, the audience went completely wild, and everyone agreed that this little theatre had never seen anything quite like it. I am used to appearing in musicals, when the audience applauds and cheers throughout the performance, but I have never witnessed this sort of reaction in a play. Tim, this piece of work is pure genius, and we thank you sincerely for the chance to have been involved in something so special. Tim Kimber

Greetings from Grassington. I had tried to post a good luck to all the groups performing but I must have pressed the wrong button. We had a great night last night, a full house and a standing ovation.  Many thanks to all who sent us good wishes. We had a brilliant gala night – TV coverage has been great and look out for ITV’s The Dales in the spring. Many, many thanks to Tim for writing this amazing play and also to the Calendar Girls for the inspiration. Ed Williams – director.

Hi Tim.  The Crescent Theatre in Birmingham is proud to open it's 2012-13 season with Calendar Girls.  This season celebrates our 80th year as a company making it one of Birmingham's oldest theatre companies.  Our production opens on the 8th September and runs till the 15th.  Tickets for our production can be booked online at  We all got in the true spirit of things and stripped down for a photo shoot (men included) to form our programme - however the fire alarm went off mid way through and our cast were stood outside the theatre in their dressing gowns - along with the audience of a sold out show! The company would like to send best wishes to all other theatre groups and companies producing the play - 'break a leg' as the tradition goes, but try not to when you're trying to hide your front bottoms! The Crescent Theatre company of Calendar Girls. J Wright

Dear Tim, The Miller Centre Theatre Company in Caterham, Surrey will be amongst the first to perform your glorious play and, like many others, we have produced a calendar.  Ours is in support of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, just like the original.  I'm not sure if this is the right method for having our production listed - I hope so!  The production runs for nine nights plus a matinee on the second Saturday, from Thursday 13th to Saturday 22nd September.  Attached is the cover of our calendar, which gives only a hint of the loveliness within!  (I'm not in it.  I stayed on the 'safe' end of the camera!)  Thanks & regards, Avril Jones LRPS

Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research would like to wish all those in tonight’s World Premiere amateur performance of the Calendar Girls in Grassington the best of luck. Thanks so much for your support, and for choosing to donate all proceeds made from tonight’s show to helping us beat blood cancers. Break a leg everyone!  Stephanie Cade

Hi Tim, The cast and crew of The Garrick (Burnley Garrick Club) would also like to wish the Grassington players the best of luck for their production of Calendar Girls.  We are currently neck deep sunflowers preparing for our own production which is on at The ACE Centre in Nelson from the 24th to the 29th of September.  I have noticed you have some posters on your website of the other groups, is it possible to add ours?  I have attached a copy.  Kind regards Richard I’Anson

Hi Tim. The cast of The Tudor Players’ production of Calendar Girls at Charles Cryer Theatre, Carshalton, Oct 16th to 20th, would like to wish the cast and crew of Grassington Players all the best for their World Premier on 31st August. We hope you’ve had as much fun rehearsing as we have, and all for a really good cause! Alison Lee (Co-Director & “Chris”)  Alison Lee

Dear Tim, Lancaster Footlights are delighted to be joining that happy band who will be performing in productions of “Calendar Girls” throughout the land.  We will be on stage at The Grand Theatre in Lancaster on dates from the 12th to the 20th October. We are 2 weeks into rehearsal, and the fun and laughter that we are having during our sessions is making the venture all the more worthwhile. However, having recently lost some dear friends to cancer, there is that added poignancy which we can feel and understand. The local Hospice, St John’s is joining with us to help promote the show and assisted by members of The Lune Valley W.I. they will be taking a collection at each performance. Another  group of gallant ladies has posed for our own calendar, which will be unveiled by the Mayor of Lancaster at a special reception on our opening night. The proceeds from this will be donated to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.  6 weeks to go and we are surrounded by buns and sunflowers and loving every minute!  Carol Williamson.

Hi Tim, Good luck to Grassington Players from Mow Cop Players in Stoke. We are performing on 5th – 8th September and boy we have so many mixed emotions, but all in all we are so proud to be part of this wonderful show and raising funds and awareness of Leukemia Research. Good luck to all you “girls” out there! I bet sales of sunflowers have gone through the roof….we are using over 100!! Best Regards, Karen Fenton

Cardigan Theatre members are buzzing with excitment in the final rehearsals of our production of Calendar Girls to be staged in Theatr Mwldan next week starting on the 6th of September for three nights. We have loved rehearsing and are already beginning to dread it being over ! It's been laughter and tears all the way. We have a great cast who can't thank you enough for providing us with such a great script. Christine Rees

Hello Mr Firth. I am writing on behalf of the ABBEY FOREGATE (SURC) DRAMA GROUP to pass on our best wishes to THE GRASSINGTON PLAYERS on the occasion of the World Amateur Premiere of CALENDAR GIRLS.  We hope that all goes well and we will all be thinking of you. Have a great run.  Helen Bryant- DIRECTOR and CAST

Hi Tim.  We at Stage One Theatre Group, Paphos, Cyprus are delighted to be putting on Calendar Girls from 3rd to 8th December at Emba Theatre, Paphos and would love it if you could put us on your website! I’m not sure whether we are the furthest away group from the UK to perform this – but we must be the furthest in the Mediterranean!! We have had the publicity photos done – including a calendar – and I reckon having your photo taken in the heat of Cyprus is definitely favourable to having it done in the UK!  Further information regarding booking etc., can be obtained from One potential problem we may have is sourcing enough materials to make sunflowers! If any drama group would like to get rid of their sunflowers after their production we would gratefully take them off your hands!! Fiona Greavey

Hi All. Sudbury Dramatic Society based at The Quay Theatre in Sudbury, Suffolk are putting on Calendar Girls from Friday 12th to Saturday 20th October 2012, with 2 matinees.  We kick off with a Gala Evening on Friday (7pm for 7.45pm) complete with bubbly and canapes to launch our own 2013 Calendar which will be sold to raise money for St Nicholas Hospice at Bury St Edmunds.  Our show's director - Sue Clark-Roberts, and several cast members have been touched by cancer ourselves or suffered losses, that we want to make it the most succesful production SDS have ever put on!  Tickets are already going fast and can be booked on 01787 374745. Linda Dowdall

Hi Tim, I’m in a production of Calendar Girls opening at the Charles Cryer, Carshalton in October and it’s great fun! I’ve started a discussion group on Facebook for all the groups around the country who are performing your play to team up and share their experiences, and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind posting a link in your Amateur Groups forum so other people can join us?   I work for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research and we're keen to hear about people's experiences performing the play and help promote local productions to our supporters. This group will also be a way for people to get in touch with us and help us do that! Anyone performing in or involved with a Calendar Girls production can join here: If you’re on Facebook you could even drop in yourself and say hi!  Many thanks for your help,  Ellie

Tim.  Rehearsals for our production in Whitehaven are going well, last night the males were excluded from the rehearsal room whilst the ladies did THE scene and made a video so that they could ensure that the props did cover the bits. Judging from the hysterical laughter coming from the rehearsal room it obviously went well. Regards Wadvern, Whitehaven Theatre Group

We've had 2 read throughs, a night of auditions and found a great casting for Ulverston Outsiders production of your play. However it wasn't until we got to the photo call when something strange was very apparent. The cast watched the Blighty "ten years on" documentary when we noticed how close Colin (our John) matched the inspiration for this writing.  Please could we get a posting in your what's on as we appear to be the only performance in Cumbria. Many thanks Paul

Nantwich Players are thrilled to be starting their run of Calendar Girls on 1 September 2012. Members were clamouring to take a role, with auditions having to be taken over several days and going on until 11.30pm.  Our first play of the annual season is usually staged slightly later, but this has been brought forward specifically to accommodate the release of the play for amateur production. We surmounted the logistical problem of having ticket printing and sales being launched ahead of our usually tight deadlines. Tickets for our productions usually sell out within a day or so of release, so we also almost doubled the usual number of performance nights to 13 (!) in anticipation of demand for this very popular play. Tickets still sold out within a few days!!!   Very Best Wishes to fellow thespians, trusting they will also have a moving and memorable experience.   Regards, Jeremy Acklam, Chairman, Nantwich Players.

Hi Tim, we are busy rehearsing Calendar Girls to be performed from 22nd to 29th September at Rugby Theatre ( Amongst the cast are members are ladies who have never acted before who were all keen to be part of a show that would help to raise money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma research. Our first night is a charity preview night and we have sold all the tickets to the charity for a nominal fee and they have sold on to raise money for their worthy cause.  Each one of us hopes that by doing this we can help get "this much closer" to beating this sly, cheating disease.  Anyone in the local area should pop along to the theatre the last week in September and cry and laugh at your fantastic show and may even be tempted themselves at some point to give it a go.  With love Rugby Theatre x  P.S We produced Our House last year and it was a great crowd pleaser that had us all singing and dancing along.  Nicol Main

Dear Tim,   We are Pegasus Productions, performing Calendar Girls in 23 days time, at the Pavilion Theatre Gorleston, Norfolk. Our rehearsals are quite intense now, as the anticipation of opening night looms.  I have only just found this forum, but so glad I did, as I had been struggling with the copy of sheet music for months now! Thank goodness I was able to download the music on here, everything seems to be falling into place. However, 6 months after I had obtained my license, the news that the professional touring production had added extra performance dates to a theatre just up the road from me was an absolute blow!  The theatre has been advertising massively in our local paper, and this has had an effect obviously on our ticket sales.  I am hoping that our local community will support our 3 performances, otherwise I'm afraid we will be drastically out of pocket!   What an absolute shame for my cast, who have worked so hard, to have to compete with the professional company, but I have some excellent amateur actors and I'm sure we will give them a run for their money!  Sheila Pascall

I know Samuel French have been working hard with the play's producers to chart a course which steered clear of amateur productions during this final tour. No-one of course quite predicted the number of productions. I hope things go ok for you. Do let us know how it goes down. TIM FIRTH.

Hi Everyone.   Hope rehearsals are going well for everyone! We are performing Calendar Girls in September. Are we allowed to use the music for amateur groups arranged by Tim Parry that's here on Tim's site? Or will we need to do our own recording to play in the show?  Thanks very much,   Jane

It's hugely moving to hear the scale and enthusiasm with which this play has being taken up. There are some amazing stories behind some of the productions.  I read in the Sunday papers of people who had never acted before taking part, money being left to the societies who are now performing the play…my kids were of course horrified to see their gran in the paper.  Asked if they were going to see her performance In Calendar Girls one replied - 'you know, Gran, I'd rather you just telephone me to let me know how it went'. TIM FIRTH.

Hi rehearsals going great, thanks for allowing ams to do your great play. Please find attached our poster. To answer a question from another society, we are making 3 rows of sunflowers (33 in total on wooden bases)  we  also have a full set of props (including mechanism to drop letters) and a full set for a smaller stage. We can hire out if required. If you would like some advise on how we are doing stuff so you can make your own please contact Good luck to all societies brave enough to take on the challenge!   Ian Coley

Hi. have previously posted in your amateur page forum but would like to now send you one of our photos of our cast that we are using in our 'calendar'.  We made both local newspapers and are about to be mentioned in a national broadsheet as well.  The ladies say "Where next?, Lorraine Kelly's couch!!!"  Many thanks.  Helen Oxley

Dear Tim,  My name is Kathryn and my husband and I have been directing Our House for Llandudno Youth Music Theatre's production which is on 20-21st July.  I just wanted to let you know that the kids and the production team have had an absolute ball with this piece. It is so well written and funny so partnered with the vibrant music of Madness has been a joy to direct.  We had our band call today and the cast are now all fired up and ready for the run up to the show this week.  My husband Carl grew up in Warrington too, he's a birchwood high boy, then went on to study at LIPA.  I hope you get this message before our, Our House, curtain goes up this Friday.  All the best. Kathryn Davies Director for LYMT

I had spies in on this show. They were hugely complimentary and immensely impressed. There are plans afoot for a celebrity charity concert performance of OUR HOUSE in the West End this Autumn. Will keep this website posted of news. TIM FIRTH

Time is going by so quickly... it only feels like yesterday that Stock Drama Group decided to perform Calendar Girls this November,  but that was several months ago now.   We've got a fantastic cast of very brave ladies ready to bare all,  and the village is buzzing with excitement already! If it's ok, I would appreciate anyone's input or advice about a couple of things;   1: How are amateur groups staging John's hill, especially with the final sunflower scene?   2: How are people making the letters fall from above?   And 3 (my own personal challenge): how are the Chris's doing their 'costume' for scene 6?  Bodystockings, or just flowers and wire? (ta-daa!).    It's really going to be a fantastic challenge for us all, and just reading through the script seems to have made everyone in the cast even closer than we already were.  We just can't wait to perform it now, and do our bit by raising some money for Leukaemia Research too. Thanks everyone,  and good luck with all of your performances! Claire Wilson,  Stock Drama Group,  Essex

Dear Mr Firth. What an amazing phenomena you have created... all these groups around the country producing Calendar Girls!  The Phoenix Theatre Company, Blyth Northumberland has always enjoyed a challenge, and this certainly is it.  Very like the original ladies, and their feeling of camaraderie and support for one another, this has been apparent with our ladies from our company who are taking to the stage on 26th - 29th September. The play has lightened up what has otherwise been an awful summer and made a lot of people smile and laugh.  Thank you for this opportunity and challenge and we hope that our production does this fantastic piece of work the justice that it rightly deserves.  Good luck to all the other companies... I hope you are having as much fun as we are. Kind Regards  Wendy Bell

Dear Mr Firth.  Firstly, may I thank you for allowing amateur groups the opportunity of performing your wonderful play CALENDAR GIRLS. I am currently in the throes of directing this fabulously written play for ABBEY FOREGATE(SURC) DRAMA GROUP, which will be performed at THEATRE SEVERN, SHREWSBURY from 1st-3rd NOVEMBER 2012 .The cast and myself have not had a rehearsal yet where we haven’t collapsed with laughter and then been silenced by the emotion in the piece. The cast are working extremely hard and we hope that we will be able to do justice to a great piece of theatre, and so thank you once again for giving us the opportunity of the challenge, whilst supporting the 'Leukaemia &Lymphoma Research' charity.  Yours sincerely Helen Bryant

Dear Tim,  We are Two Rivers Theatre Company and we will be performing Calendar Girls from 19th - 22nd September 2012 at The Sir John Mills Theatre Ipswich, Suffolk. We have also produced a calendar to raise money for a local Hospice, St Elizabeth Hospice, who helped the husband of one of our cast members when he sadly died on cancer a few years ago. Part of our ticket price will also go to the local children's hospice charity EACH. We have just started rehearsals and can't wait to perform your amazing play with all the acting and technical challenges it presents. We do love a challenge at Two Rivers! For example we are learning proper Tai Chi for the end scene and we’re using that as a warm up for each rehearsal. Our tickets are on sale already and we are almost sold out so we have added a matinee and we hope to sell as many of our calendars as possible before, during and after the show. Do you know if they are still trying to break a world record for the number of performances in one year? We always thought that was a great idea as the more groups did it the more money would be raised to beat the disease. Break a leg to all the other groups over the UK doing this amazing play. many thanks Georgy Jamieson, Two Rivers Theatre Company Publicity Officer 

Hi Tim, Just wanted to say hello and a huge thank you for such a fantastic play. I'm thrilled to be directing "Calendar Girls" at Progess Theatre, the show is on 13th-22nd September 2012.  We've been having wonderful time at rehearsals looking at all aspects of the characters and really enjoying the chance to work on such a great play.  We've also arranged 3 gala performances (I'm sure here will be more to come) for local charities and will continue to look at opportunities for fundraising for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. Many thanks again for creating such a funny and emotional play, its an absolute joy to work on. Aidan Moran, Director.

Hi Tim.  I am from Cannock Chase Drama Society and we are performing Calendar Girls this September (13th-15th) at Prince of Wales Centre, Cannock (Staffordshire) and invite anyone to come along and support us and this fabulous script. Tickets are £10 and £9 concessions.  Hopefully you can include our poster on your website. Thank you :) Natasha McCulloch

Hello Tim. Further to my previous email, I attach a photo showing how 'my' Calendar Girls have taken on their roles! (Click the image left) Hoping you can add this to your Calendar Girls forum page. Richard Bond,  Kingswood Players - Bristol

Hi Tim. I am delighted to be directing "Calender Girls" for the Tarporley Amateur Dramatic Society, Cheshire with 4 performances from Wednesday 21st to Saturday 24th November. We perform in the large Tarporley Community Centre starting at 7.45 and there is already a buzz around the village. Our Society has been performing for almost 70 years and this is one eagerly awaited by both our cast and the public. I have seen your stage production 3 times and enjoyed everyone of them. As  you are live reasonably local to Tarporley you would be very welcome to come to a performance or any rehearsals we have. (Our rehearsals are each Wednesday from Wednesday 5th September). Thanks for writing a super play!  Beryl Kenny

Hi Tim,  Firstly I want to say congratulations on a brilliant script in Calendar Girls. Having seen it several times it can still have me deeply moved then laughing within seconds. We are EHOS based in Hertfordshire and will be performing Calendar Girls at Broxbourne Civic Theatre from 20th to 22nd September. I’ve attached the front of our flyer, with further details on We heard of the amateur rights being released literally as we were leaving the funeral of a dear friend of ours involved in theatre who had died of this terrible disease, which we took as a well directed sign. We are holding a gala performance evening on the Friday night and donating the profits to our local hospice. My wife, Helen,  is directing the play and she’s has put together a excellent cast which we hope will do justice to the play. I will be playing the role of John, and taking much of my insight and motivation from watching my father being crippled and eventually dying of cancer. If you would like to pop along you would be made most welcome.  Nigel Fruin.

Hi Tim. The Tudor Players ( will be performing Calendar Girls at the Charles Cryer Theatre, Carshalton, Surrey on 16th to 20th October 2012. Originally we only booked for four performances but added the fifth date following the tremendous enthusiasm of our cast. Rehearsals have just started and we are having our publicity photoshoot next week. We’re all trying to get an all over tan without too many white bits! Alison Lee, Chair & Co-Director. 

Dear Tim.  I am directing Calendar Girls for Theatremask Productions to be staged between 7th - 10th November 2012 at the Park & Dare Theatre, Treorchy in South Wales. We have waited for this play to become available for the last 2 years and were thrilled when we were given a performing licence. Thank you for writing such a wonderful moving play. Our tickets have been on sale for just over a month now and we have sold over 500 tickets, looks like we are on our way to having sell out performances.  Thank you. Allan Mears

Dear Tim,  The Debenham Players will be performing "Calendar Girls" on 6, 7 & 8 September, having enthusiastically awaited it's release for amateur groups. The opportunity to highlight this disease and share this story has special significance for us all in Debenham.  One of our young men, at age 20, was diagnosed with this terrible disease and now, happily he is clear of this cancer after continuing rigorous treatment.  £5 per ticket plus all proceeds from our own version of the “Alternative Debenham Players Calendar” (this could be a collector’s item!!) will be donated to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.  As director I'm thrilled to recreate this wonderful story of the bonds of friendship between women with diverse personalities and lifestyles and a common objective.  My talented and enthusiastic cast have been assembled for months so we can meet regularly and allow our friendships to grow.  This is an amazing talent women have, to share the common ground and love each others' differences. Thank you for this wonderful script. Cyndi McAleer, Director

Hi Tim,   Claire Wilson here, the vice-president of Stock Drama Group in Essex.   We are performing Calendar Girls from 21st-24th November 2012 in our local Village Hall.  We have mentioned it as our next production in our programmes for our last play, and have had so much excited feedback from our audiences already, I have a feeling we won't have much trouble selling tickets!    The whole group is really looking forward to this one - even though Peter, our director, hasn't chosen the cast yet.   Roll on rehearsals - I think they're going to be a barrel of laughs!

Hi  Tim - I am the chair of Port William Pantomime Company - The Panto Co. and we are delighted to be performing 2 shows of Calendar Girls on 16th and 17th November in the Maxwell Hall, Port William.  We've just started rehearsals and had no problem filling roles we do however have great difficulty in finishing a scene because we cant stop laughing.  Hope we can do it justice.  Many thanks for the opportunity.  Helen Oxley

Hi All  I directed Neville's Island with Abingdon's Old Gaol Theatre Company last summer 2011 - what a fantastic play, for actors, audience and everyone involved.  The Unicorn Theatre is tiny and yet it lent itself so well to the set, with a balcony for the look-out tree.  I'd be happy to feedback my experience to anyone considering doing this hilarious yet moving play.  Julie Kemp-Harper   Thanks Tim. Julie

Hi Tim. I am directing Calendar Girls for Henfield Theatre Company in West Sussex next March.   We were thrilled to get a licence to perform Calendar Girls and it has already promoted a tremendous amount of interest from our members so I am hoping for a great turn out for auditions in October.   We really hope to do your play justice.   I have got tickets for the professional production in Norwich in April and very much hope to be able to go backstage after the performance to get some tips on the directing side of it.   Thank you for giving amateur theatre the opportunity to perform Calendar Girls.     Anne Stern

Hello Tim. I’m Tim French, Chairman of Stourbridge Theatre Company, we’re based in Stourbridge in the West Midlands and absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to perform Calendar Girls at The Stourbridge Town Hall Theatre from Thursday 22nd ~ Saturday 24th November at 7.30pm plus a matinee on the Saturday afternoon, starting at 2.30pm. We applied for the license within days of hearing that it was available for amateurs and, as far as we know, will be one of the first groups to perform the play in the West Midlands. The play has already been cast and, as you will see from our poster, our lady members are particularly excited about the production. Further details are on our website We have decided to donate all the profits to Leukemia and Lymphoma Research, who have been very supportive and keen to be associated with the production. We feel sure that Calendar Girls will attract a large audience. Thank you for the opportunity.

Hello Tim.  It's Richard Bond here, director for The Kingswood Player's October production of your Calendar Girls. When I put this play forward for consideration, there was an overwhelming 'Yes' to it being included in our 2012/2013 Season.
So thanks for allowing it to be released and giving us the opportunity of the challenge, whilst supporting the 'Leukaemia &Lymphoma Research' charity. The photo below was part of our press launch as the first Bristol group to receive permission and announce they would perform Calendar Girls on Friday 19th & Saturday 20th October 2012 at 7.30pm with a Saturday Matinee at 3.00pm
Further details on our website:

Hello Tim.  What a wonderful idea to include an amateur forum section on the site.  Cheltenham Operatic & Dramatic Society, the oldest Am Dram society in Gloucestershire - established 1890 - is delighted to be bringing Calendar Girls to Cheltenham for the week 22nd - 29th September 2012.  We held a WI style tea party read through evening and were overwhelmed by the interest from the Am Dram community from Cheltenham and beyond.  We will be linking our production to supporting a local Cheltenham based Charity, Linc - The Leukaemia & Intensive Chemotherapy Fund. Our theatre of choice is The Playhouse Cheltenham - a hidden gem on Bath Road, GL53 7HG. We are already open for 24 hour text - or call - bookings on our CODS hotline 0779 448 7822 until 27th August.  Thereafter the Playhouse Box Office will take over on 28th August on 01242 522852. Tickets are £12 with £10 concessions. Thank you for giving us such a jewel to perform. Warm Regards, Karen

Hi I am the Director and Producer for Ice Productions who are planning to perform Calendar Girls on the Amateur release in September 2012. We are very excited about this oppotunity and have a lot of interest from the local am dram groups in and around South Yorkshire. Thankyou for giving us the chance to perform this great piece of entertainment. Cheers Ian Coley

Good day Allow me to introduce us, we are Théàtre St. Bruno Players (   We are the only bilingual amateur theater company in Canada. For the past 35 years, our 80-some members perform 4 major productions per year, 2 in English and 2 in French at Le Centre Marcel-Dulude in St. Bruno de Montarville, Quebec along with other productions for fund raising, etc. We heard about the opportunity to apply for the rights to  “Calendar Girls”.  We would like to perform 3 productions of “Calendar Girls”, for our fall 2012 production, as a fund raiser for the Montreal Jewish General Hospital Segal Center’s fight against women’s cancer. The Town of St. Bruno de Montarville, along with the Quilting Guild of St. Bruno de Montarville have joined us in support of this fund raiser. We will raffle a quilt, commemorating those who have suffered from this decease,  made by the women of the guild. We will also like to have a calendar of the  women who will be cast in the production, as in the play, and invite the Segal Center to come and sell them at the productions.  The grand finale of the event will be members of the cast and members of Theatre St. Bruno Players walking in the 2012 Jewish General Hospital Segal Center’s “Weekend to End Women’s Cancers” held in August 2012.   We are all very passionate about this project and are only missing the ability to get the rights. It would be wonderful to produce “Calendar Girls” in French and in English, if there is a translation. We were informed by Samuel French that the rights are only being released to amateur groups in the UK. We have tried to contact your agent but the email keeps bouncing back.  Is there any way that we could make this great community project happen? Getting the rights to “Calendar Girls” would launch our fund raiser for the fight against women’s cancer. We look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Tina Fedele Keating President Théàtre St. Bruno Players

Previously ‘Acting Up’ based at the Pyramid Theatre in Warrington, now named ‘WamDram’ based at Cinnamon Brow Farm Club we performed Flint Street Nativity December 2010. We thoroughly enjoyed performing the play but admit to leaving out some of the songs. We’re not the best singers and found some of the songs difficult to produce well, especially Mary and Joseph’s duet, but did have help from the father of one of the cast playing piano which added to the primary school feel. Trying to figure out how to stage the various areas – playground, teacher’s special cupboard etc. we found lighting separate areas of the stage the only way to do this. The search for a donkey was a difficult one but we disguised a small rocking horse kindly donated by a neighbour and one of the cast did the voice of the donkey from off stage to avoid timing problems. Costumes were easy to make using old curtains and sheets. Keep everything low budget to give the illusion of a school nativity, remember what you were like in yours many years ago and enjoy every minute. It’s a real challenge but worth every minute. Jan aka Gabriel from WamDram, Warrington.

Power to your elbow for persevering. Always happy to hear about of my stuff
being performed in my home town. When I was growing up there it was hugely apathetic towards the arts, no-one could get anything going. Now it has a cultural quarter. I could really have done with that when I was a kid. TIM FIRTH

Hi Tim,  I played Daniel in The Safari Party a few years ago and had an absolute blast! Such a fun show and we played to full houses. I am also currently directing The Flint Street Nativity for production in November/December this year, which is going to be a lot of fun. I hope you know how popular you are down here in New Zealand. Both Calendar Girls and Kinky Boots have huge followings here.  Thanks,  Liam Hagan - Tauranga Repertory Society

You are welcome to come and see our show 7th 8th 9th July 7.30pm. Definately not a Christmastime production but oh boy, we are Christmasing it up big time. Chantelle - Argent Theatre (Upton Village near Southwell, 10 miles from Newark in Nottinghamshire). Chantelle Thornley - Tom Everitt Lane End Players

You are, as far as I know, the first non-christmas production of FSN - am very keen to know how it goes down mid-summer! TIM FIRTH

Hi Tim, Have you any idea if and when the amateur rights for Calendar Girls might be released in New Zealand? It's a play I would love to direct. Might the rights be available soon after the professional production this year? Kathy Gent - Company Theatre

NZ amateur - there are currently four separate productions in NZ towns over the next couple of years so we will have to take stock after those have played out - but it's safe to say rights will become available at some point. Hang in there. TIM FIRTH

I am a member of the Lane End Players ( and we perform 4 plays a year (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter). In our recent history we have produced both Neville's Island and Safari Party, both of which received fantastic feedback from the audiences and everyone involved really enjoyed themselves. I am now very interested in directing the Flint Street Nativity which I think our audience will love and we will enjoy rehearsing and performing. The only problem is that during the winter months (around Christmas) we always perform a Pantomime and due to our Panto success this won't change and if we were to perform the Flint Street Nativity, performances wouldn't be until April. Even the theme of the play is not necessarily about Christmas. I just wonder if will still be well received by an audience at a different time of the year. Any thoughts? Kind regards, Tom Everitt - Lane End Players

Since opening at Chichester Festival Theatre in September 2008 CALENDAR GIRLS has been an unprecedented success playing over one hundred sell out weeks across the country as well as a year’s run in London’s glittering West End. It has become the most successful play to ever tour the UK, grossing more at the box office than the original film.

Now the show’s producers David Pugh and Dafydd Rogers want to break into the Guinness book of records and establish the record for the most productions of one play in one year and so it’s your turn…for the very first time, the amateur rights for CALENDAR GIRLS will be released for just 12 months from 1 September 2012 – 31 August 2013. We invite ladies everywhere to follow in the footsteps of the many actresses who have already appeared in the show to disrobe and become their very own Calendar Girl!

Applications to perform CALENDAR GIRLS to:
Samuel French
52 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 5JR
020 7255 4302
More info from the

Hi there, I'm directing a production of Neville's island, which is on 2-4 June in Charlton London, SE7. We're doing it on a shoestring, but are managing most elements. I'm just stumped on the gyrfalcon for the end of the play. I was going to try to make something, but I'm concerned it will look rubbish. I'd love to know how anyone else has managed that prop with an amateur group. Please let me know on Thanks! Antonia at Alexandra Players

gyrfalcon - word of advice; concentrate on the neck above all else. It needs to be totally broken with the head dangling. If the neck is floppy it will always read as dead. A stiff necked-bird corpse will always look like the parrot sketch, no matter how good the plumage. TIM FIRTH

'Acting Up’ Amateur Dramatics Group recently performed ‘The Flint Street Nativity’ at the Pyramid Theatre in Warrington. We rehearse every Wednesday at the Pyramid and perform two shows a year. We are a community theatre group where everyone has the opportunity to perform. We have been waiting, not very patiently, for Flint Street to be available for amateur groups and were thrilled it was released in time for this Christmas. Not sure it will be up to the standard of shows performed at the Playhouse in Liverpool but, if rehearsals so far have been anything to go on, we will have lots of fun trying. Acting Up - Warrington

Dear Tim.  Great website. This is just a quick note to let you know that Grove Park Theatre in Wrexham staged The Flint Street Nativity. The cast and crew had a fantastic time putting together the show - rehearsals have never been such fun! Regards and best wishes for the future. Grove Park Theatre - Wrexham